Give the group of days harassing yunnan jinghong village village and children as my mum

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& lt; P> For days, jinghong, meng keep standing, sprinkle town village committee several villages along the road of villagers to talk & other; Like & throughout; Color change, especially in less than 4 km from the town of villagers groups, sprinkle hao, ran to the mastodon yesterday morning from villagers LeiAnQing houses in ten meters from the corn after giving birth to a baby, but also to the villagers even dare not out of the door. After February 7 in the evening, in the cemetery on duty Duan Song couple also give the group of attacks against, frighten escape pry open the window after jumping. (text source: yunnan network) & lt;/p> & lt; Br> & lt; P> The graph is February 16, jinghong, yunnan, into the herd of wild village of elephant. Dai Zhenhua perturbation image: CFP vision China & lt;/p>

on February 16, jinghong, yunnan, the elephant to the villagers corn lay like a baby. Dai Zhenhua perturbation image: CFP vision China