God nine simulation space life experience at space sleeping bag toilet exposure (FIG.)

many residents live in 3 d experience the feeling of weightlessness astronauts experience area.

& other; This is the astronaut special toilet, what astronauts sleep wear? Throughout the &; Yesterday, & other; Fly into space & ndash; & ndash; Throughout 2012 large aerospace exhibition & beautiful square; In a beautiful square, attract a group of citizens, the scene view. This exhibition exhibits all 31 from Asia’s largest aerospace museum & ndash; & ndash; China Space Museum, including shenzhou 8 spacecraft re-entry capsule physical, god nine spacecraft model, 13 set of 1:10 and 1: the model, a series of sleeping bags and used by astronauts in space space, job training, special space toilet, food tray, seeds and other daily physical space, for the first time in close contact with guangzhou citizens. It is understood that the exhibition space exhibition is divided into areas, interactive experience and sell buy, interactive experience area is equipped with 3 d ring, 3 d pictures area, citizens can also be a snapshot of the astronauts daily work. In addition, there will be space experts we regularly organize seminar space knowledge, the exhibition will be to the end of September 3.