“Goddess luo” prototype ZhenFei and Cao Zhiyou affairs? Small three ZhenFei in death

the author with a witty and do not break the objective historical style, thickness, the introspection of the historical events and people’s work marks & other; The grass radical theory throughout history &; Another work.

the reflection & middot; wei book & middot; empresses biography have cloud: fumiaki zhen queen, zhongshan promise people & hellip; & hellip; Buried where. PeiSongZhi note “reflection”, citing wei book from marry dichroa zhang yue: (zhen), three men and five women & hellip; & hellip; Eldest daughter ginger, time, time, time, time after that. If just see these two records, simply can not find ZhenFei name.

The legend of


river legend, ZhenFei named ZhenLuo; River lake top and legend, named zm-zhsg ZhenFei. Then, from where the legend? All originate from’s the legend of the “goddess”. And look, “goddess” that begins: 3 years, huang yu dynasty imperial capital, also to luochuan. The ancients vice-chancellor, the god of water, called Mi princess. “Goddess”, you can talk to the goddess luo appearance: shoulder if cut into, waist keep. Extended neck show items, hao show. Drive without adding, lead China royal. Cloud bun I I, threading lian yun. Fresh inside outside the red lips, white teeth, looks at to bright eye be apt to, bad auxiliary ChengQuan. Orbs appearance brilliant escape, static body idle. Tender enough state, mei in language. Take the epic, bone like should figure & hellip; & hellip; Legend, ZhenFei is’s’s & other; Goddess luo & throughout; . Take & other; Goddess luo & throughout; The & other; Los & throughout; For & other; ZhenLuo & throughout; . & other; Goddess luo & throughout; Also known as & other; Mi princess & throughout; , yue & other; Zm-zhsg & throughout; .

but, then again, there is no exact records in history books ZhenFei name, so I didn’t have enough evidence to prove ZhenFei is ZhenLuo, or zm-zhsg. Let me tell you the below her story.

sleep vision

ZhenFei, was born in zhongshan promise. When she was born, and no special phenomenon in the home, her mom didn’t do any mating with dragon like dream. Like her such a legendary figure, however, will not, of course, very normal, the different from ordinary people in some places, is good enough for her identity. Then, what is the real ZhenFei not normal? She is not a normal sleep.

river legend, whenever ZhenFei sleeping of time, the family as if saw in her bed stood a man, with a jade clothing, cover on her. In addition to sleep is not normal, river also the legend, there was a fortune teller, ever give ZhenFei a few brother and sister to calculate sticks. Fortune teller said, others are not going well, only the zhen small MM, look not to speak of, must be able to thrive in the future, greetings. Obviously, the above two legends shall not letter.

husband’s replacement

ZhenFei grew up with fine features, as she grew up day by day, will be grown more damsels, beautiful and moving. Gradually, ZhenFei fame had spread. Probably when she was 15, lombardi marry personally, let two of his sons ZhenFei married troup. Lombardi later in order to develop the business, the company bigger and stronger, let troup to the region, executive director of the state. ZhenFei will stay in yecheng, lived with her mother-in-law liu. Later, her father-in-law lombardi and some business competition, conflict occurs, the boss of the market share is cao yuan boss preemption. Old total to whitewash, yuan can only be declared bankruptcy, formally withdrew from the three markets.

day, cao boss took the staff, has established a branch in yecheng, prepare in yecheng development business. When the boss’s eldest son cao xelloss followed for business. Xelloss dangling in his town, but they sway in the Yuan Fu door. Then, xelloss into Yuan Fu. The rest of the story, there are two versions, a taka slightly, a “world language”. The two versions of the story is the same, the difference is that the first version of the ZhenFei is the TouFu on granny liu’s lap, the second version of ZhenFei is behind liu, that’s all. In the two versions, is beautifully ZhenFei are described and that xelloss first saw her, and was fascinated by her. In this way, 16 ZhenFei xelloss took twenty-one years old, from then on, he and she lived a happy life.

but in the reflection & middot; wei book & middot; biography of empresses, no about cao zhen two people married life, Chen shou syllabus, only wrote ZhenFei ending: be xelloss give to death. In the visible and what & other; Happy life & throughout; , actually is playing with children.

& other; Third party & throughout; In the

next, to introduce you to a woman: guo queen. She is closely related with the fate of the ZhenFei, so had to speak. Queen guo’s parents died early, plus the year chaos, she was living a life of a drift from place to place. Later, she adopted by a family; Later, the boss of company hiring, cao, she went to apply for, became a big childe xelloss cao small honey. Guo the queen is a woman who has a good head for all and, on the company development of cao boss, she also has its own set of views. At ordinary times, the childe make what decisions, while cao guo the queen often as a small honey, puts forward some opinions and Suggestions to the big childe cao, cao big childe feel benefit a lot. Big childe often hug queen guo, cao said with emotion: & other; I thought you can only do my little honey, I didn’t think you can be my surprise surprise, it’s buy one, get one free, made by me! Throughout the &;

a long time, guo queen are very spoilt, its degree more than ZhenFei. ZhenFei out of favour, directly resulted in the death of her. The reflection & middot; wei book & middot; empresses zhen queen biography inside, & other; Guo, li, after the Yin people and love her love, increasingly frustrated after (zhen huang), there are complaints. Emperor great anger, two years in June, afford to death, was buried where. Throughout the &; About the death of ZhenFei the reflection & middot; wei book & middot; empresses guo queen’s biography is also recorded, & other; Zhen after the death of the (guo) after the pet too. Throughout the &; From the point of the two women’s biography, ZhenFei queen died guo, there should be no doubt. In addition, have to show that ZhenFei alive, has not yet been set for the queen, then her son Cao Rui acceded to the throne, just chase her as queen.

ZhenFei died, his son Cao Rui are still there. For mother’s death, he angry, he think his mother’s death was innocent, but he can’t save the mother, the in the mind is more than a dozen don’t open the knot.

son & other; Have ambition & throughout;

the firstborn son of xelloss Cao Rui, should be the prince, but given xelloss Cao Rui his mother died, so always have bad feelings between father and son, don’t make a decision about xelloss has been made Cao Rui prince, prince so problems has been put on hold for several years. One year, xelloss Cao Rui hunting outside. In hunting grounds, a female deer, with a deer appeared in their line of sight range, xelloss nimble, bow arrow, & other; Whoosh & throughout; The mother deer and go down. Xelloss Cao Rui solve the fawn. Cao Rui saw the mourning beside the mother deer deer, suddenly tears, said: & other; Your majesty, you have killed the mother, I don’t have the heart to kill his son again. Throughout the &; Since that day, there has been made Cao Rui xelloss thought of the prince.

in May 226, Wei Wen emperor xelloss was seriously ill, self-knowledge, numbered so called Cao Rui and some ministers to the front of the bed, officially conferring the Cao Rui as heir. Died soon after, xelloss, he reigned seven years, at the age of 40.