“Golden flower erotic politics: three times over a married woman’s fall into the fireworks (FIG.)

& have spent The golden flowers

she has is the center of the city visual, the focus of the topic.

she has by the ship’s prostitute, jumped into the & other Mrs Envoy & throughout; Strange experiences, and accompanied by husband sailed to Europe; The g8 coalition into Beijing havoc and make her become & other Gone with exhibit & throughout; .

a coquettes, race was twice in his life and history, compared with the ancient su xiaoxiao, xue tao, such as singing and dancing poetry preach famously compared to natural.

she is a famous prostitute in late qing dynasty and the golden flower, woman life married three times, three transgressions again fall into the fireworks, is one of the most legendary in Chinese history of a woman.

today from the point of view of the existing some old photos of the golden flower himself does not seem to have amazing pour countries, she is more like a tree breath ambiguous night flowers, deep in the history of the specific, the beaming of the rainbow.

“golden flower originally from yixian county, anhui dajing eleven years (1872) was born in a bourgeois family. After her mother died, father moved to. The golden flower a born beauty, passing pedestrians to her childhood often drew cudgel. In 1886, in a distant relative, under the introduction of 14 “golden flowers went to the sweet wind thin flower board, became a ‘no sex & other; Qing supposed people & throughout; , renamed Fu Caiyun. Before long, henceforth, disease of the golden flower is popular in suzhou. At this time of the golden flower all the more glamorous and gorgeous.

in 1887, the golden flowers met a noble, from then on, yawning changes have taken place in her life. This is the top LangHongJun stagnation and noble. Was born in suzhou city Zhang Guhang HongJun and later served as the Jiang Xixue zheng, because her mother died and went back to their hometown suzhou. , after ran into the “golden flower HongJun will no longer fit inside this I have seen the beauty of flow, finally determined, with approval of a wife and a concubine formal” golden flower marry back to home, became his first fannie and Freddie concubine. She was renamed HongMengLuan HongJun let. Since then, the golden flowers by the dollar jumped into the & other prostitutes; First lady & throughout; And completed one of the most important in her life span.

if a brilliant plum & other; Take the top & throughout; Married to temples dye cream really top, a pair of the two students, a pear tree haitang, also can yet be regarded as a much-told story. The golden flower after marry HongJun, although her husband very old, but because HongJun former two lady is a kind of temperament and, otherwise, life is moist.

in 1888, HongJun mourning period, and with the golden flowers into Beijing office. Besides, shortly after HongJun was appointed to German, Mr, Russia, the Netherlands ambassador extraordinary, oceans to be a diplomat. By convention, the ambassador must have a lady accompanying, first lady wang because of fear will eat raw meat in Vienna (then) legend, is not willing to risk their yung, so the clouds come forward, to go to the western world. Mrs Wang will take the initiative to get and lent her dress a imperial mandate lady to the golden flower. In this way, had bound the foot of the golden flower, actually in the name of the minister’s wife, the lotus step by step to go abroad, big open horizon.

HongJun and golden flower with a large group of aides and male and female servants, and from Shanghai on French & other; Saxon number & throughout; , with the first arrived in Berlin, Germany. The golden flower and find in European society for the minister’s wife, met with Kaiser Wilhelm ii and bismarck, the prime minister visited Berlin, st. Petersburg, Paris and London. Before her, China’s first’s envoy to the guo song-tao with Mrs Shi concubine beam which also, but its presence is completely trumped “golden flower.

in 1890, three years of HongJun term, call home. HongJun died in 1893, the golden flower is a young widow in their early 20 s. Help Jiu south suzhou, met old lover in qingyang port Sun Zuozhou (my) Beijing Opera, at the instigation of Sun Zuozhou, unwilling lonely “golden flower doesn’t even have in-laws back, going back to his home. Before long, with the help of Sun Zuozhou, “golden flower moved to glamour to Shanghai.

in Shanghai, “golden flower planting, opened. She rented storefront in extended feng, hang & other; Zhao Mengluan & throughout; The famous brand, to meet visitors. Brothels are divided into several levels of old Shanghai, the highest level called & other; Books contain & throughout; , the second call & other; Thirty & throughout; Again, call & other; Yao second & throughout; And then is down & other; The fireworks pavilion & throughout; And & other Pheasant & throughout; . The golden flower is & other; Books contain & throughout; Level, she hung at the gate of the book the main brand is black gold, the top with red satin, and fasten the chromosphere.

the golden flowers make no secret of their identity, instead, it lead to & other; Selling point & throughout; Sweet, she in her best friend hang a photo frame HongJun, first lady himself or herself and the identity of the minister’s wife. Indeed as expected effect is good, she became a sensational news. Many people want to a kiss first lady, the minister’s wife drive, then the golden flower reputation, business is booming. “Golden flower also is said to have been received, just the hostess a cover, to the best of the day.

in the summer of 1898, the golden flowers to tianjin, she is the first lady of famous brand are bright in tianjin, in tianjin, tanggu area has caused quite a shock. The golden flowers not only personally, also recruited a group of young and beautiful girl, in jiang fork hutong formed the southern flavor & other; Golden flower class & throughout; Madam, become their own. & other; Throughout the golden flower &; Name is thus.

not long after, the golden flowers met a figure, he is Yang Lishan ministers. Yang Lishan take “golden flower city, live in li3 tie3 turn diagonal (today’s cycas diagonal) hon litres in the inn. Team tianjin golden flower was she brought to the city of Beijing. Prostitutes in Beijing from the south class, brothels into the two major schools of Beijing.