GongXueGu said cao xueqin ancestral home in shandong rushan mountain this conclusion on the basis of DNA testing

earlier this year, fudan university expert on rushan mountain at the beginning of the town of henan province village villagers the inspection of the DNA samples, recently released, according to the results of the cao villagers suspected descent. GongXueGu, believes it is cao cao seventy generations, sun Cao Zuyi said the results also prove again & other; Cao Xueqin roots in rushan mountain & throughout; The argument.

there is a lot of, about cao xueqin’s ancestral home has a plump, liaoyang, tieling, said a Wu Yang said, recommending virtuous man, flower pond, and xing-cheng, hebei positive definite, luq said. China red association Cao Zuyi was among the first to put forward & other; Cao xueqin originally from jiaodong said & throughout; , he publicly for the first time in redology seminar in Beijing in 1998 put forward this idea, and the deputy President of the Chinese society of red wen-bin hu and nanyang red GongXueGu such as support.

henan anyang cao cao’s tomb found that caused a nationwide debate, also let this view to cause attention. Human science laboratory of fudan university in order to verify the authenticity of cao cao’s tomb, seed of start up and cao cao cao people across the country to check the DNA of fudan university, who is seventy generation of sun Cao Zuyi readily apply cao cao. On January 16, the ministry of education key laboratory of fudan university modern anthropology Wang Chuanchao, Shanghai social redology scholar Kang Dongdong early and others in rushan city town village in henan, the seven blood or saliva samples drawn is a verification whether the village cao villagers is descended from cao cao. To extract the four samples tested, the first type Y chromosome is O2 – M268, same as the cao cao Y chromosome. Will these four samples data, compared with the data of Cao Zuyi found its ZuYuan is very near.

when reporters and relates to Cao Zuyi, he isn’t in liaoning donggang home, but in New York to visit daughter, he accepted the interview via the web.

Cao Zuyi introduction, his ancestors lived three hundred years ago in rushan county, location is the NingHaiZhou village in henan, which recorded in his genealogy, & other; I around sichuan small yunnan RenShi origin, originally from shandong’s state NingHaiZhou henan village in deep mountain club dimethyl RenShi & throughout; . Was found after to find relevant information, as described in henan village at the beginning of the next town village in henan.

Cao Zuyi said he found in the research on many years of a dream of red mansions, cao xueqin his genealogy with & other; The first ten poems & throughout; Light poem riddles, wrote in “a dream of red mansions” the fiftieth time. Can be seen from the family tree, cao xueqin, dagushan cao cao and his close cases of liaoning on the name van word is consistent, which can prove that the two of them with cao home is this family genealogy, share a common ancestral home, namely the NingHaiZhou village in henan.

Cao Zuyi think cao xueqin has made a record in a dream of red mansions, book & other; Ningguo mansion & throughout; The & other; Ning & throughout; Words, is refers to the shandong state NingHaiZhou & other; Ning & throughout; , which is under the tree described in the present early town village in henan. In addition, in a dream of red mansions and describe Cao Xi from yantai to the text of the liaodong peninsula.

, according to research Cao Zuyi cao xueqin’s grandfather Cao Xi not Cao Zhenyan kiss the son, but I was a little kid in jiaodong was captured by the qing army, was later trophies as a reward to the manchu regime Cao Zhenyan, become his adopted son. That is to establish & other; Cao xueqin said originally from rushan mountain & throughout; Is the basis of Cao Xi Cao Zhenyan adopted son, cao xueqin is based on Cao Xi descent.