Goujian forced early marriage encourages free nurse baby triplets

to practise family planning is one of our basic state policy. In the public mind, & other; Family planning & throughout; Is to have fewer children, in fact, this view is not comprehensive. Family planning is the concept of humanity in a planned way to adjust their own behavior, reproductive behavior includes both & other; Production & throughout; , it can also be & other; Production & throughout; . In quite a long time in ancient China, is a encourage national birth & other; Family planning & throughout; Policy. However, about & other; Having fewer & throughout; , & other Eugenics & throughout; Formulation, also & other; For a long time & throughout; , as early as the tang and song dynasties, it puts forward & other; Having fewer & throughout; , & other Eugenics & throughout; Emphasis on population quality and the overall quality & other Family planning & throughout; Theory. In the folk popular poet wang brahman, had at the time of the most popular form of poetry, write a lot of family planning in vernacular & other; The slogan & throughout; . One of the most famous one is & other; Begat don’t get a foot. Throughout the &; Mean, son, don’t too much, one can work.

king goujian first & other; Gave birth to triplets & throughout; Enjoy & other; Free mammy & throughout; Policy

in quite a long time, the ancient Chinese practice is to encourage the national birth & other; Family planning & throughout; Policy. The warring states period of China’s population more than 1000, just to unified the six countries, the national population doubled, about 20 million people. Ducal states that at that time, zhou royal family from war, death is huge, but the population is not decreased, was the vassal states encourages the more raw & other; Family planning & throughout; The result of the policy.

during this period, & other; Family planning & throughout; The most determined policy implementation, when yue.

in the battle of wu yue yue defeated by wu, goujian thrashing about, implement the strategy of great power, one of the important measures is to encourage fertility, increase domestic population. Goujian had adopted a policy of reward are very generous. According to the mandarin & middot; the language “is written, yue for pregnant women at that time & other; Medical treatment insurance & throughout; Women produce as long as they notice the government, the doctor to get midwifery maternal home soon. If the boys, the prize is two POTS of good wine, a dog; If born is a girl, the prize is two POTS of good wine, a pig; If they are twins, free nanny for government; If the triplets, government arrange free nurse, that is, to bring up by the state.

at the same time of fertility, yue also forced early marriage. Regulation: & other; Keep strong without taking the old woman, make old man without a strong wife, woman 17 don’t marry, their parents guilty, husband thirty don’t marry, their parents’ guilt. Throughout the &; From the state policy of family planning, now popular age disparity & other; Asked & throughout; , & other December heartbeat & throughout; Are strictly forbidden, QingZhuang man cannot marry older women, the old man is allowed to marry young woman. Not only that, but have not marriage marriageable children’s parents, and punished.

later, can beat the kingdom re-emergence wu, though for many reasons, but with this & other; Family planning & throughout; The implementation of the policy. Similar records also in, in “wu yue chun qiu” although differ in the details, but records goujian encourages the more raw & other; Family planning & throughout; Policy is the same.

the heyday of the tang dynasty the feudal era, is to encourage birth as a basic national policy. Its first emperor, then the dynasty (AD 627) in the first month of the first year of released “to hire timely letter to the Chinese authorities urged the common people marriage, fertility, and mobilize the rich sponsorship can’t afford to marry a wife of straw, the stand or fall of family planning, how many of the single population, as indicators of local leading cadres achievements, appraised.

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the duke cut the harem number solve marriage age gender imbalance

reward families to have more children, this is ancient China & other; Family planning & throughout; One aspect of the policy. On the other hand, is solving the problem of gender imbalance between men and women of childbearing age, one of the important means which is forced early marriage.

early in ancient China, once advocated & other; Marry at a mature age & throughout; The western zhou dynasty (1046 BC – 771 BC) is such. At that time the legal marriageable age: man 30 years old, female 20 years old. But in practice to encourage more raw & other; Family planning & throughout; Policy period, the marriageable age tends to be much earlier. Such as the spring and autumn period and the qi, for male, female, 15, 20 & other; Family planning & throughout; Policies to encourage the national early marriage, some dynasties and even the early women’s age to 13.

qi launched the policy of early marriage, there is a story. According to the said everything is done & middot; reserves the right, on one occasion, the duke to private investigations, incognito in the common people see in the home, one year has 70 – year – old old man or her own cooking, he asked you don’t have children. The old man said he had three sons, but because of family poverty, didn’t marry the wife. The duke after back to the palace, the matter to the government of the host qi comprehensive work of ShangQing guanzhong said, guanzhong has made the encouraging policy of early marriage.

at the same time, the guanzhong is also put forward a way to solve the gender imbalance between men and women of childbearing age, is to reduce the number of the duke’s harem, don’t let & other; Palace complaints about female & throughout; . When the royal, vassal women quantity & other; Exceed & throughout; Is serious to Zhou Wang harem, & other After a lady, three, nine wives, 27 of the woman, eighty-one royal wife & throughout; , & other; At & throughout; Women are a total of 121 people; Governors are & other; A married nine female & throughout; . But in the actual execution process, whether it is a royal family, or governors of multi-purpose, folk rich men followed & other; Private storage & throughout; . Mozi was revealed to the world at the time, said & other; Today’s king, its private storage, also arrested female tired thousand powers, small tired throughout the &; , think this is the cause of social gender imbalance marriageable men and women, one of the calls for & other; Control & throughout; .

the duke not the kui is the spring and autumn period and the overlord, make guanzhong, also seems to be embarrassed, take the lead in response to the guanzhong’s family planning policy, will be large harem no sex with him & other; No royal & throughout; Woman, all sent home, marry.

the duke’s move, about ancient China’s family planning policy implemented in the process of one of the special case to solve the problem of gender imbalance. In addition to reduce the marriage age, ancient China some dynasties advocate & other; Second marriage & throughout; . Such as the tang dynasty and advocate & other; Men marry a widow, widow remarried again & throughout; Such a policy, no man take unseemly second marriage, women’s & other; Throughout lifetime &; The old ideas.

han HuiDiLiu surplus under & a letter to the other; Women’s fifteen more years to thirty don’t marry & throughout; Five times poll tax

in ancient China in violation of family planning object of punishment is also very strict. As in the early han liu surplus (hui emperor) when the emperor period (195 BC – 188 BC), there is a clear & other; A fine & throughout; Plan, according to “han & middot; HuiDiJi” records, in 189 BC, liu surplus ordered: & other; Women more than fifteen to thirty don’t marry, five. Throughout the &;

this & other; National policy & throughout; Use words to interpret today is as follows: aged between 15 and 30 marriageable women if you don’t get married, will be fined, the amount of fines is & other; Five calculate & throughout; . & other; Calculate & throughout; Was the duty of the poll tax, a unit of measurement is the founding emperor of the set of 4 years after the founding of the tax revenue method, under the age of 15 years of age or older, 56 nations, have to pay poll tax, the tax amount per person is 120 money, called & other; A calculate & throughout; . Plus five is 720 money, that is to say, if age don’t get married, is in violation of & other Family planning & throughout; Five times the fines of poll tax policy, be about to pay.

to the western han dynasty & other; Five calculate & throughout; Fine standard, maybe someone will think & other; Not high & throughout; , in fact it is not too low, at the time in the western han dynasty stone grain average every 100 money and standards to calculate, 720 money can buy a seven or eight stone grain, is an adult at least a year of food & ndash; & ndash; Not in time to marry, only one year no rations.