Graduated from chongqing university President delivered a speech: “if you well is sunny”

Beijing, June 30 (xinhua Zhao Ye jiao intern PuXiaoXu) whether chongqing university President Lin & other; If you well, is sunny & throughout; Or sichuan university jinjiang college President of li chi keung, & other; Tsinghua university is a soft sleeper, is a hard sleeper, 2 3 this is a hard seat & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; This graduation season, the Chinese university presidents, to sprout or tide or humorous or sharp language, after the last class for graduates. This is & other; Sell MOE & throughout; Or & other; Rivalry & throughout; By society. And in the eyes of experts, this is a sign of education in tune with history.

on June 28, chongqing university graduation ceremony, President Lin & ndash; a speech to graduate school & ndash; & other; If you well, is sunny & throughout; Drew a standing ovation. Some foreign graduates also played & other; Thanks to China, thanks to big & throughout; The slogan.

just a day ago, southwest university of political science and law in the graduation ceremony, the school principal FuZiTang choose their adaptation of the song “in 2002 the first snow of the” give students present.

if the above address, respectively, represents the & other; Eva & throughout; And & other Tide & throughout; , the dongguan institute of technology, the principal speech & other; Witty & throughout; Type.

& other; Our leather shoes on his feet, chemical, capsule, his left foot right foot yogurt, magic was unreasonable. Society is a melting pot, however, need to polish eyes, careful & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

why concentrated principal tidal language? It remains to be traced back to 2010.

& other; What is the Alma mater? Is that you scold him eight times a day would not allow others to scold. Throughout the &; , huazhong university of science and technology, the principal lipeigeng graduation speech just 16 minutes, 30 was interrupted by applause. Drew more than 7700 students got up and shouted: & other; Root uncle & throughout; .

& other; Root uncle & throughout; Fire, he change the majesty and unsmiling university presidents of the image. The media even to comment & other; Pomp & throughout; .

in 2011, & other Root tertiary effect & throughout; Suddenly appear. Many principals, departments in charge of per capita in their way, at the graduation ceremony & other; Throughout the situation &; .

in 2012, this phenomenon is escalating, last year’s & other; Can’t afford to injury & throughout; , & other Play soy sauce & throughout; Such as has not to sing, this year’s & other; Vegan sweet & throughout; Already.

itsdifferent graduation ceremony at the same time, some people expressed concerns.

traffic university President BBS in a principal nan-ning zheng said that the graduation ceremony this solemn occasion, President of the speech is unreasonable. If higher education along the way, we lose the culture of their own.

in addition, there are also people who believe that similar to the principal delivered a speech, is the headmaster of collective show, essence is dark spell school reputation and concept.

to this, the expert opinion more positive.

zhejiang university, professor of sociology at Feng Gang thinks, the President of the university of humor performance, change the previous & other; The headmaster is difficult to see ugly face & throughout; That is a kind of diluent in the town government in Chinese universities. The headmaster create a happy atmosphere, with humor and profound language for graduates of colleges and universities put an end of life, let the graduates have aftertaste.

famous critic and writer Xu Xunlei argues that it is in tune with history.

& other; The expression of lively and open, more in line with 80, 90, after a new generation of thinking. The judging criteria, more important is to see the principal content of the speech, as long as having substance in speech, all sentient beings. Throughout the &; Xu Xunlei said, waiting for a batch of educator CAI yuanpei governance, advocate of open and inclusive. Now, he graduated from university presidents in attempt to open, to a certain extent, is a sign of education in tune with history. The