Grand China complex Nixon: time is earlier than a knife and fork with chopsticks

the 29-year-old DE smell & middot; Nixon, is the former US President Richard Nixon grandnephew. Not only did he open company in China, but also met a new girlfriend in Shanghai. Yesterday, he appeared in new capital to participate in a communication activity, and the chengdu commercial daily reporter’s interview.

when it comes to China, DE smell & middot; Nixon was very excited and very familiar with. In 2008, DE smell & middot; Nixon to Shanghai China Europe international business school of management MBA, three years in China, learn the simple Chinese. & other; Many people asked me why I came to China to do an MBA, my answer is very simple. Throughout the &; DE smell & middot; Nixon said, grew up influenced by uncle, followed by parents and many Chinese dealt, and the feelings of China is part of the family, & other; Even in my memory, time is earlier than a knife and fork with chopsticks. Throughout the &;

& other; I like muay Thai, like cooking, and my friends also like it. Throughout the &; He traveled to many parts of the world, but this is his first time to come to chengdu, chengdu to the impression that he is a friendly, beautiful and harmony, & other; Can eat hot pot. Throughout the &;