Great painter van gogh was a physicist? The most famous portrait of scientific value

science not only provide new inspiration for the future artistic creation, review of western art history, many classic paintings also contains many outstanding scientific puzzle, let scientists couldn’t help it. Among them, and to a van gogh left the most puzzle. In & other; Paintings and science & throughout; Exhibition area, focusing on the story.

van gogh, there is a painting called “night’s White House. The picture right upper has a special bright & other; Planet & throughout; . Is it the moon, or other special stars? Texas state university tang & middot; Professor olsson feel curious, trying to figure out if this is a real astronomical records. He found the van gogh through the consult literature material, the letter to my brother, mentioned in the letter, the painting creation on July 17, 1890 at 7 PM, the location is in France, small town. In the spring of 2000, made a special trip to Mr. Olsen town, found that the White House in the picture. By comparison, with the original olsen concluded that van gogh was toward the western horizon, creating the picture when the sun goes down. Olson, and came to the planetarium, by means of literature data and computer simulation, know that day is cloudy, there can be no moon, no other special astronomical phenomena. By comparing the map, olson finally confirmed, he was amazed that star is Venus, which brings the sky as unusually bright.

in 1889, van gogh created “starry sky” is a masterpiece. However in the physicist’s eyes, this work has very high scientific value & ndash; & ndash; May provides new ideas for solving physics problem.

the frame, large and small, turbulent one by one, also is the jargon of physics. Turbulent involved from micro to macro a variety of different types of sports, internal external energy exchange is very complex, called & other; Classical physics throughout the final puzzle &; . Scientists have been trying to use an accurate mathematical model to describe the phenomenon of turbulence, so far few satisfactory solution. However, found that the scientists behind the study of “the star” painting seemingly abstract light & other; Turbulence & throughout; , unexpectedly meet & other; Kolmogorov microscale & throughout; , this is a very advanced theory of physics on turbulent flow phenomenon. Murphy, great painter van gogh was also a physicist?