Grey man hands can do more than 20 kinds of Musical Instruments May free enlightening skill

Wang Zeng

a few boards, a python, & other; Throughout its &; After some do, into a cylinder, sticky skin, one to do the work elegant two premiere tube will show in front of people. On the morning of September 5, handan feixiang north street of old artist Wang Zeng between villagers in the home use simple tools such as hammers, file, a busy for a company making Musical Instruments.

surprisingly, Wang Zeng not only have a special liking to all kinds of traditional instruments, and has made the erhu, pipa, flute and so on more than 20 kinds of Musical Instruments of the talents. For decades, he has not abandoned the some craft is in danger of extinction.

have been proficient staff

Wang Zeng 66 – year – old, have been is a die-hard fans. In the elementary school, the self-taught learned to play the flute. In the junior middle school stage, but also proficient in staff, and their own music. After high school, he was recommended to enter feixiang ensemble, have more opportunities in close contact with all kinds of Musical Instruments.

because of the convenience of work, a free Wang Zeng brought out all kinds of Musical Instruments will ponder, even secretly big discharge eight pieces, and then assembled, tuning. After several years of repeated research, he detailed understanding the basic structure and principle of all kinds of traditional instruments, also deeply understand a good instrument only well-selected materials, well-made, tuning accurate, playing out the rule of natural sounds beautiful.

then, he started for ensemble repair some simple instrument, at the same time their production techniques and methods of the summed up, illustrated HuiXie to the journal. He also therefore had & other; Dab hand Wang Zeng throughout the &; The nickname.

keen musical

in the 1970 s, because the unit is difficult economic conditions, Wang Zeng to save money, according to his many years of maintenance experience trying to produce erhu, three-stringed instrument, pipa, Beijing drum and some other traditional instruments.

instrument is the key to quality of raw materials, one of the best material is straight texture, colour and lustre is uniform, no scar section hardwood such as mahogany, pear wood. Once, when he saw the home of the old chair is a walnut, hence without thinking it down & other; Confiscate & throughout; . After more than a month of successful tinkering with, make it a handful of erhu.

the first piece of work though the voice is not very pure, but let him taste the joy of success, it is very precious. Wang Zeng excitement, realized only finely crafted to create high-quality goods. After two or three years of painstaking research, fumble, contrast, he gradually mastered a set of match the characteristics of different material production skills.

some local troupe is surprised to find that Wang Zeng handmade out of instrument did not inferior to normal manufacturer of products, not only do manual work is delicate, and sound manner. No matter what kind of musical instrument, so long as he & other; Set-up & throughout; A, all can produce unexpected results.

time grows, Wang Zeng became known folk artists, almost every day somebody to come to ordering instruments.

may free enlightening teaching skills

went to the house of the Wang Zeng a fruit tree fragrant flavor. In an old house on the east side of the courtyard, hung on the wall all kinds of instruments, the ground is putting the hammers, file, saws, and a small lathe. The old man smiled and said, here is the & other; Studio & throughout; , he has produced hundreds of instruments, the average 5 to 7 days can finish one.

handan city a music scholar thinks, instrument making is a comprehensive art, should not only know how to carpentry, music, fine arts, but also be familiar with wood features, carving techniques, design drawing, etc. So at present, our country is lack of talents in this field.

to do so, the biggest worry is Wang Zeng craft alive. The old man said, as long as the young people interested in Musical Instruments, he is willing to free teach skills, to ensure that this ancient folk art new generation, and with renewed vigor.

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