Gu Jingzhou pot was made 2.43 million into the most expensive overseas are recommended (FIG.)

bring Gu Jingzhou system zhu mud shaddock grain pot in Toronto c $390000 (2.43 million yuan). (file photo)

according to the Canadian star life weekly reported that a Chinese art auction last weekend in Toronto, zhu mud shaddock grain Gu Jingzhou system pot of c $390000 (2.43 million yuan), and much higher than the estimated c $15000, became the most expensive overseas are recommended. Zhou Faxiang high colored enamel pot pan did make a c $60000. In addition, the blue and white text pen rack MingZhengDe clap a c $300000, Shen Quan figure c $360000 for the eight immortals.

just released a week or so in advance preview graphic information of Canadian happy treasure international auction co., LTD., in North America held on February 2, the first time China’s artwork auction, more than 110 from China, Canada, the United States, Japan and Britain and other 17 countries bidders, respectively through the field, telephone and Internet bidding on network. Among 448 lots, purple accounted for about 160 items, including the name of the Ming and qing dynasties and contemporary famous pot of more than 40 pieces. Although the Chinese art market showed a sharp adjustment in the whole world, but new corporation’s first auction the sell-through rate of 35%.

zhu mud shaddock grain pot Gu Jingzhou system become the most anticipated auction site, originally estimated c $15000, with $8000 or, only to have to international buyers a shooting, a price is $100000, but is still, all the way to the c $300000, finally to c $390000.

& other; Human bead jade Ann concludes, see YangXianXi first pill soil! Throughout the &; Canada happy treasure international auction co., LTD., a partner Yuan Kang believed to qing dynasty tion to descriptions of violet arenaceous treasures. Porcelain art in recent one thousand years, he said, has always been the western love and enthusiasm, good mass base, and represented by yixing purple sand pottery in nearly two hundred years, especially since the early years of the republic of China is unwilling also after people, now began to be foreigners’ love is taken for granted. (new)