Guangdong monohydrate diaolou looks strange “Bundled rocket” (FIG.)

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built in the river water melon ridge village 80 years of history can be comparable to kaiping diaolou

zengcheng strange diaolou long a bundled the rockets face! The reporter learns yesterday in an interview in guangzhou city, in the southeast corner of the city xintang town melon ridge village of river flood, there is a 4 floors of the towers. The diaolou of the 21 meters tall reinforced concrete structure was built in a square piece of water, only in the west by a suspension bridge are connected to the land. It is reported, zengcheng melon ridge village, this is called & other; NingYuanLou & throughout; Water towers, is found only in whole province at present build diaolou construction on water, as early as in 2002 has been established for the guangzhou municipal cultural relics protection unit, its charm enough to match a drought kaiping diaolou.

article/reporter leaf life

the correspondent cham RuSong, Zhu Zhuodong

yesterday afternoon, the reporter through the village of ancient dwellings with melon ridge at the edge of the village melon continent river southeast of chung, met the famous water towers & ndash; & ndash; NingYuanLou. Towers into square shape, a total of four storeys high, but from a distance, in more than three layers of diaolou wall outside, every corner of the bag piece of a taper. Each layer bag piece and its peer diaolou facade has multiple square or circular guns shot hole and outlook, far more than its surface for bunker shot hole. As a result, the entire towers look from the appearance as a handstand on the launch pad & other; Bundled rocket & throughout; .

when reporter approached, only to find the all blue bricks building towers are built in a square water, its around brick build by laying bricks or stones becomes a square pool, about five meters deep. Distance diaolou terms of the pool wall is about three or four metres wide, it is only in the west there is a iron bridge between the towers and the tank wall, this is the only channel in and out of the towers.

in flush with suspension bridge towers on the first floor hall, have a plaque on the wall to write the beginning and end of the first build diaolou pass, and by the guangzhou municipal government issued & other; Guangzhou cultural relics protection units NingYuanLou & throughout; The words. Along the concrete pouring of the stairs, the reporter in NingYuanLou each position on the second floor on the wall, saw the elongated and water droplets form the outlook of the mouth, shooting holes. Rectangular window is not made of glass, but two pieces of iron plate, more than 30 centimeters thick and grating across the fingers thick outside. Along the spiral staircase to three on the back the reporter sees, facing the east melon continent river direction and the direction of the north village on the wall, and specifically the muzzle and a wooden gun rack.

reporter at the scene to see, in the third and fourth layer diaolou nave southwest corner position, and located in the third, fourth floor loophole in fort around on the floor, with a circular hole, convenient observation of enemy villagers upstairs to the downstairs the message of his companions. While the towers in the southwest corner of the hall, there is a square, with iron covering Wells, through more than 10 meters deep underground. & other; Trapped by the enemy, the warden not because there is no water to drink and trapped dead! Throughout the &; Familiar with melon ridge village and their stories, zengcheng folk artist association, vice chairman of cham RuSong old gentleman told reporters.


misgivings of why the building?

a: rampant bandits to villagers build diaolou

67 – year – old huang JTG old man is a native of melon ridge village, he told reporters that the diaolou was founded in the mid – 1920. Melon ridge village, the village has been 500 years of history, after the mid – 1850 – s, the americas and Australia development tide, many young people are migrating to gold in our village, villagers who go abroad for a living often send money home. Republic, warlordism, including melon ridge village, xintang region rampant bandits. Melon ridge village people, under the guidance of ethnic in huangtian hui took far to the overseas Chinese overseas fundraising fundraising build towers road, and in 1928 completed & other NingYuanLou & throughout; . Yellow JTG old man told the reporters. & other; Cement are made of imported from Hong Kong to ship; Steel is also specially shipped from guangzhou, is said to be imported from Australia! Throughout the &; It took the whole towers 50000 pieces of silver.