Guangxu emperor north speech hundred years ago has begun to talk about now known subject

17 years September 21, xishan bright red leaves, imperial university officially start, led by guangxu minister of ministries, ministers attended. Three days ago, a batch of guangxu also expressly told Du Huaichuan signet leaflets, covered with the city. Suddenly, the whole city like fry pan, everyone comment in succession, guess the imperial university, what is the magic could attracted the emperor and court such attention.

after held the warm fanfare, guangxu did not leave immediately, but to all students saying the light will be called to the auditorium. According to the will of guangxu, he is to and students to discuss without doing at a time.

stood nearly one thousand students in the hall, the ministries of officials and imperial university teaching stood on both sides, see the emperor came in, all kneel down on the ground, “long live.

standing in front of the crowd, guangxu after a moment’s silence, slowly said: & other; Today is the imperial university officially the first day of school. The so-called school, it seems to me, where is the study of learning. Our ancient people have a traditional call & lsquo; Discuss without doing & rsquo; Today, I will and you a theory in the way of the world. Throughout the &;

say and guangxu raised his right hand, and gently downward pressure: & other; Everybody sit down, I sit down, too. Throughout the &;

the people hesitate for a moment, sit on the floor, some confused looking at the emperor. Put aside the eunuch to a have yellow chair cushion, guangxu a skirt hem, sit quietly said & ndash; & ndash;

& other; I begin from literacy, I the teacher professor in me as your way. After I personal rule, also in constant learning rule. The way of the world may be different, but I have been thinking about it, for us as a country, what is the true way, and what is the way of national revitalization! Throughout the &;

& other; The imperial university, met a lot of resistance and doubt. Everyone is clear, dead also. The death of this man called Wang Changyi. I have been thinking about it, why did he die? Who kill him? I think of a few hundred years ago, there is also a name is wang, wang yangming, he once said a words: broken mountain thief easily, a thief broken heart. So I think, is the death of Wang Changyi is died in the heart of a thief! And the thief, not only in his heart, also in the heart of every one of us. No clear boulevard in the world, first to break the heart of a thief. Throughout the &;

Wang Changyi, as poor as a church mouse, in the imperial examinations and above a few trails, was not satisfied. The heard at imperial university monthly living allowance, graduates can get a real deficiency, after much thought, although the in the mind also is not very willing to, but I still to the imperial university program. Unexpectedly, his move to live with other students in the hotel of sarcasm and ridicule. Wang Changyi loyal, inarticulate, somewhat ashamed, coupled with the heart of the abuse of these people did not dare to fight back, just left hide right shine, avoid as far as possible to meet with the students.

one night, drinking in the group of students in the shop, on a whim, unexpectedly posted at the head of Wang Changyi antithetical couplets, top allied is & other; Baiban (faithful managed budget & throughout; And bottom allied is & other; Throughout the 1234567 &; . This pair of couplets part missed a & other; Shame & throughout; Word, means to scold Wang Changyi shameless; Bottom allied one less & other; Throughout eight &; Word, forget to eight, means to scold Wang Changyi is tortoise.

the era of the scholar honor concept, Wang Changyi face and thin, coupled with the breadth of mind is not open, had been so many days, the in the mind depressed to send, lying in bed at night tossing and turning over and over, at that time the anger, was working on himself in the room with a sheet.

students sitting here was some whispering sound. Guangxu smile, paused, then said:

& other; However, what is the thief of the heart? It seems to me that the first thief is hypocrisy! Usually people learn neo-confucianism, learning is nothing but & lsquo; Save them and eliminate human & rsquo; . But the pace of our history, who lived in ages past, by learning, virtue and morality of the saint really could country? My mouth with virtue and morality, is unable to save a nation in peril. You think about it, you learned the classics, you hard study the eight-part essay writing, able to resist the foreigners gunboats? Can change the corruption, land acquisition, knave thousands of miles, across countries deeply on the situation? Honor and light practice, there is in fact the hidden hypocrisy and weak. Say again to you, if the court without the monkey, let imperial university students after graduation, can enjoy the imperial examination and treatment, and then you can cast the imperial school? I not blame you, I just hope everyone can understand you, moral can not change the fate of a person, also can not change the fate of a country, talk of moral righteousness, is the world’s biggest hypocrisy. Throughout the &;

& other; This is the second thief, conservative. Said this, I want to put the objects to 17 years ago with Wang Xinli passage read it to you: Chinese scholar-bureaucrat immersed in chapters of the lower case leopard, Beowulf Katherine died again much crude stupid but without careful, used than what they have learned, so that the wrong skills. No matter is before the edge tool of foreign surprising novelty, think that don’t need to learn; Something is surprised foreign weapon to become strange magic, thought can’t learn & hellip; & hellip; These words of li hongzhang 17 years ago, still let I sigh with emotion. Throughout the &;

& other; 17 years in the past, our scholars, and even our country remains. There is no static truth, poor what’s going on in the world is changing, permanence follows. The potential of this day, but from the three thousand crisis, conformism, stuck in the past, will only make our country more and more backward, more and more weak. In the long term, states will not state. Throughout the &;

& other; So, I said so much today, just want to tell you that why I insisted on opening the imperial university, is the thief of wish you here to break our hearts, to national greatness as own duty, not JiaoKuang, not inferiority, face up to reality, their careers. Throughout the &;