Guangzhou 30 historic buildings at risk All is not a “cultural relic”

xiajiu road no. 47 and 55 & left only the overhang of other The facade & throughout; .

hai heming bird house with four street building materials.

how to avoid the accurate historical buildings & other; Killed & throughout; ? Report which expert advice to follow Hong Kong & other; Frozen & throughout; A year

& other; People are used to put the building called the annals of the world; When songs and legends have been silent, and there is no any thing can make people going back to the ancient ethnic, gone only building still talking. Throughout the &;

Jin Lingtai, wonderful tower demolition, let those who have not yet been identified as & other; Cultural relics throughout the &; The historical building again into people’s horizons.

, according to people familiar with the matter in yuexiu, li wan, haizhu these old city, has nearly 30 protective value of historic buildings is not seriously, these still have not yet been & other; Define & throughout; For & other; Cultural relics throughout the &; Buildings are facing various crises.

provide protection for the construction of the three local rules and the historical and cultural city protection planning in guangzhou, the guangzhou city historic building and historic district protection method “and the list of historic buildings is still not issued. Before entering the planning department & other; Clear & throughout; Before, how to avoid these buildings & other; Killed & throughout; ?

article/reporter MoGuanTing, sh Chou, Lin Yimin

figure/reporter Li Xuyang


republic grand aunt house

two by & other; Unlicensed repair & throughout;


through the longfeng winding narrow lane of the street, with a history of nearly a century old curtilage lonely regulation of the republic of China in 30 four heming street, it is hidden in the 3 m high brick wall and canvas, courtyard building materials piled up. Through building outside foot hand rack, specific style of & other; Back & throughout; Big word lines and red brick column is visible. Two years ago, the old building to its classic screen, curved staircase has attracted the attention of a group of native culture lovers, now, my old house is dangerous, for unlicensed construction, illegal construction, after being twice stop dangerous for repair has been difficult to see its former glory. Reporters yesterday at the scene to see, my old house is still within the construction personnel.

the reporter understands from longfeng street agency, my old house property right now at hai Treasury, entrust the streets on management of the community service center. Use the old houses in April 2011, the total risk is rated & other; C” Level, need to conduct a comprehensive repair. At the end of January this year, the community service center to entrust the guangzhou construction repair ZhongKai construction engineering co., LTD. In April, longfeng street patrol officers had found old curtilage engineering did not deal with the construction permit, belong to & other; Unlicensed construction & throughout; Illegal, and gone with the wind, after the second attachment. By mutual agreement, additional floating platform will be demolished.

according to street has said, the project belongs to the dangerous house to its original state maintenance repair project, does not affect the building facade. But controls use the old photos taken in February 2011, not only build the illegal floating platform, once spacious terrace on the second floor was also enclosed, with a cement block the old classic screen, curved staircase or has ceased to exist.

xiajiu road hundred meters arcade

cut bad body only head

liwan district

nine just ten historical and cultural blocks is up and down the 2000 guangzhou announced the first batch of historical and cultural conservation. Reporter discovery, xiajiu road no. 37 to 55, about 100 meters long row was demolished the overhang was only & other; Facade & throughout; . This article is about hundreds of meters long overhang was temporary enclosure, shang xiajiu pedestrian street in the main street stands out.

enclosure area is about 250 square meters, is interval into more than ten shops unit, there are ads on cloth cover, posted on the site of the city road temporary occupation permit, according to the construction of the temporary occupation date from April 19 to July 17, due to the characteristics of a section of reinforcing protection.

however, from the construction site behind the overhang wall cracks can be seen, the whole ride buildings only two large pieces of arcade style of facade. Severely damaged the overhang, many brick drops, the whole ride buildings by the hob support on the side of the road. Residents feng is introduced, according to the construction on site about four months ago, with a total area of more than 2000 square meters, & other; May be just down the street after a can see the outer walls of the overhang, there were hollowed out, now estimated to build a house in the future. Throughout the &;