Guangzhou song dynasty tomb, two largest stolen authorities knowing (FIG.)

tombstone, front and rear are steal dug two tunnels respectively.

in Huang Huanguo tomb had been stolen from another song dynasty tomb, was the location of the excavating the rear right at the tombstone.

the municipal bump unit Huang Huanguo tomb relics was two and half months authorities said knowing

Huang Huanguo tomb is the largest one in jieyang city in the song dynasty ancient tombs, is also a unit of jieyang city bump. But according to say after surnamed huang, from may to June 1, the middle of this ancient tombs have been excavating for two times, serious damage to the main tomb of thieves, before and after the grave dug out of the two tomb-raiding channel, even the tomb was dig through. In the tomb of another surnamed huang song dynasty ancestors tomb dug stolen, too. Surnamed huang later generations have alarm for two times, but still don’t know how to deal with and repair stolen tomb.

yesterday, jieyang Wen Guangxin, head of the bureau of cultural relics family expressed is not knowledge, but will immediately set out to investigate.

grave robbers thief for the second time digging into the grave

in jieyang city compiled the jieyang celebrities in ancient books, Huang Huanguo RongCheng celebrity first position. Have jieyang scholars research, as a song dynasty rulers of the city, since the Ming and qing dynasties in guangdong province, chao state and jieyang county chorography exclusively for Huang Huan national biography. Today, Huang Huanguo was fujian Christian state, official temple, jieyang follow villager temple consecrate.

such a song dynasty sages, return to the village buried after death. Area is located in jieyang city today RongCheng fairy bridge a locals call & other; The video taken wing & throughout; Cemetery, also namely now Huang Huanguo tomb, there has been nearly 800 years ago.

according to surnamed huang later generations, in the middle of may this year, Huang Huanguo tomb had been stolen. Grave robbers tried to from the grave dug in, here to dig out the hole diameter of about 1 m, but dig into the rooms are huge stone blocks. Also is to say, tomb-raiding failed this time.

but on June 1, grave robbers brazenly tomb excavation Huang Huanguo again, they directly from the tomb into the field of positive, about 2 meters deep, and then heading towards tombstone, ruined brick tomb walls, entered the tomb.

yesterday, the reporter saw here, stolen the site remains the same. Due to recent rainy, so the grave of the grave in the gallery have a lot of water. Demolished grave Shi Liang, bricks, were buried in the grave robbers planed out of clay.