Gulangyu “grinned wall” popular network yi tooth grin through 90 (FIG.)

a big smiling face, rictus, and two small eyes of narrowing into line & ndash; & ndash; You can imagine, this is a wall to own & other; Expression & throughout; ? Recently, a tourist from fuzhou in gulangyu took this wall, and called it & other; A smirk wall & throughout; Couch, suddenly attracted many people onlookers, and even a net friend made a special trip to look for on island bosomy billow & other A smirk wall & throughout; To take a group photo, video of it. Even people on the island, exclamation: & other; Lived in gulangyu island for many years, why haven’t you found it? Throughout the &;

reporter with xiamen planning commission consultant Gong Jie old gentleman island, looking for the wall behind the story.

boreal Europe style building designer has no intention of let it & other; Crafty smile & throughout;

this wall & other; A smirk wall & throughout; Is on island bosomy billow quanzhou road 82 Lin the outer walls of the house, built in 1923, completed in 1927. So, the wall has been on the island & other; Crafty smile & throughout; For nearly 90 years.

this villa has a red roof Lin house in quanzhou stand out on the road, and its outer wall is more attractive & ndash; & ndash; The decoration on the wall, is almost a & other; Crafty smile & throughout; To reveal the whole row of teeth. Such & other; Crafty smile & throughout; Scattered in the exterior not only, still each rail corner of distribution in the house.

reporter saw, Lin housing a total of three layers, the bottom there is a basement. Old Mr Gong, Lin house has three distinctive characteristics in construction. First in terms of architecture, Lin house abandoned the British villa large corridor, thick pillar, adopt the jagged facade, makes the building rich stereo feeling, and do not show a lethargy, raised, in appropriate, change is harmonious; Secondly, Lin house roof design of ups and downs, the rain not stranded on the roof, when it rains cause housing pressure; Finally, Lin house old arc wall, half window, and inside collect type arc window, make house more lively.

& other netizens for calling; A smirk wall & throughout; , gong said the old man, when the designer’s original intention just north of European architectural style as a guide, not deliberately & other; Crafty smile & throughout; The effect.

villa name & other; Lin home & throughout; Often do at the weekend family concert

villa name & other; Lin home & throughout; There are two layers of meaning, gong said the old man, and other The first layer of meaning is the villa owner surnamed Lin; The second implication is that Mrs Yin than dry the asylum Yu Changlin Chambers, given birth to a male surnamed Lin, and lam honour than dry for father. Throughout the &;

according to gong old gentleman, here is the earliest will house is the difference in London, England (that is, the church) built around 1880 & other; Throughout the Gospel church &; . Carstairs Douglas in 1905, to commemorate the missionaries to gulangyu missionary 22 anniversary, will be here again renamed & other; Carstairs Douglas memorial & throughout; . About 1923 years, teach President lim vibration schoenberg bought this abandoned memorial site, the building to a study in the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology of the second Lin Quancheng design.

gong said the old man, Lin Quancheng design rich individual character not only & other; Lin home & throughout; , also designed & other; Trinity church & throughout; , & other Gulangyu tap reservoirs & throughout; And so on.

by Yu Linzhen schoenberg’s last words & other; Lin house can’t sell, leave our service for our country & throughout; And, therefore, Lin house still inhabited by Lin Zhenxun granddaughter & ndash; & ndash; Cornell university psychology research institute, xiamen university now.

& other; All the books on the bookcase, their family is the original English. Throughout the &; Gong said the old man, every weekend, the owner of the house will invite friends, Lin family concert in the sitting room or church. There is a famous pianist chengzong Yin in the guest.