Guo jingming is influenced by “zhuge dark” series Calls himself “Guo Jing dark”


recently, a zhuge liang and & other; The various ge dark & throughout; Contrast figure in heat transfer, weibo users endless creative enthusiasm, a lot of people follow to take the opposite of a celebrity’s name in a word, follow suit to create all sorts of funny image. At that time, not only have various ge dark, also appeared & other; Huang zhong green loyal throughout the red &; , & other Huang gai green cover medium cover throughout the &; , & other Left Keats right kind & throughout; , & other Sitton throughout America &; & other; Jobs vs. Joe to tear & throughout; And a series of funny image. The night before last, guo jingming also joined a spoof on the tencent weibo, however, he was a spoof of his own, but also with its own autodyne picture, such as sitting under the light and the dark & other; Guo & throughout; VS“ Guo Jing dark & throughout; For comparison, such as a mirror of three, and four guo guo jingming & other; Guo Xiaosan & throughout; VS“ Guo small four & throughout; For comparison, he also self quipped: & other; After du fu and pack adult popular, recently heard that Mr Zhuge liang attracted people’s attention again, I’m a little envy him vaguely. This kind of thing, can let he sole providence & hellip; & hellip; I will also! Throughout the &; This tweet forward quickly past thousands easily, netizen: & other; Guo jingming are opposite his own name, what are you waiting for ah ~ ~ ~ & throughout;