Guo moruo marriage decryption: old original Lovers fall in love with the first love younger sister

s republic of China Wen Lin

as a cultural history of the 20th century China & other; All-around champion & throughout; , guo moruo contains extremely rich extremely complex cultural and historical information, even so his marriage life & hellip; & hellip;

with qiong-hua zhang arranged marriage

in 1912, guo moruo, 20, and two years older than his qiong-hua zhang under the parents arranged marriage, young of guo moruo to qiong-hua zhang ordinary appearance, but not very satisfied, bridal chamber night and found her feet), huangdi zhuxue be ridiculed feeling arises spontaneously, angrily out of the bridal chamber & hellip; & hellip; Five days later, guo moruo left home. Guo moruo and qiong-hua zhang did not divorce, qiong-hua zhang has been kept in guo moruo in 68 after their hometown.

married qiong-hua zhang guo moruo follows the lives of parents, after losing & other Virgin & throughout; After the but again chose to rebel. Later, guo moruo in the black cat “side qiong-hua zhang banter for & other; The black cats & throughout; , he said: & other; Across the pockets to buy the cat, in order to white, is home to black. Throughout the &; While self-reflection: & other; If there’s anything should confess my life, this is the biggest one. I always curse the opportunistic I miss people & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

in 1923, guo moruo in Japan had received a letter from his eldest brother guo orange dock, looking for a job, let him back to sichuan and marital problems of guo moruo proposed two solutions: one is to divorce the zhang and two wives live together. But guo moruo considered the along while, it is no good sleep, then back to the eldest brother a letter explaining way: & other; From zhang, I thought not so new; Two women live together, I thought not that old. No new old, so we have to lead so. Throughout the &;

in 1939, guo moruo 26 year with a new wife from my hometown Yu Liqun return home, his another wife qiong-hua zhang has old color declines, years of bitter guard make qiong-hua zhang hair into a white hair. Are right in her marriage to guo moruo that day on, she will never say goodbye to the youth. Conversation, shaking hands up around guo moruo, enthusiasm. Only qiong-hua zhang stand at the back of the crowd, watching silently, and guo moruo does not seem to be aware of her presence.

at that time, guo moruo’s father has been 86 – year – old, is ill in bed, his eyes in cross flow to guo moruo recounting the years qiong-hua zhang’s contribution to the guo home, have no half sentence murmurings. Guo moruo immediately awe when qiong-hua zhang, then bowed in front of everyone, lurid qiong-hua zhang doesn’t know what to do, over the years, pressure in the heart of anguish and bitterness swept away, she is fulfilled.

guo moruo staying at home for several days, qiong-hua zhang also put their own bedroom, i.e. when the oneself and guo moruo bridal chamber to guo moruo and Yu Liqun, and treat each other to buy fish buy chicken. Guo moruo see their seriously from a frame picture hanging on the wall; When he see the marry qiong-hua zhang used furniture, one thing is very clean, wipe if brightness is new. When he saw the home used to read books, stationery, writing exercise books and manuscripts in succession, school his graduation certificate shall be issued and sent back home & hellip; & hellip; In a word, all his things, is stored neatly, intact.

in order to thank qiong-hua zhang, guo moruo wrote two poems to her, write short BaZhong specially & other Book FuQiongHua & throughout; Four words. And funny said: & other; If you don’t have the money back to use, can take it to sell several oceans. Throughout the &; & other; Ah ah ah, & throughout; Qiong-hua zhang consternation. & other; How is the zha a selling! Is starving to death, and I cannot sell it! Throughout the &; Guo moruo anything, for she is still regarded as holy. Because this is & other; Husband & throughout; Things. Regardless of guo moruo to her, qiong-hua zhang always see guo moruo as their husband. Guo moruo after the death of his father wrote an article for QiBaQian word home eulogy, qiong-hua zhang back to know not only, also often tears & hellip; & hellip;