Guo moruo why miss lu xun: criticize each other personality and attitudes

, after the death of Mr. Guo moruo had made a elegiac couplet: & other; Hanging in April, fold fall binary, east Asia Western Europe with plunge tear; Qin could keep rank: they recite, south blemish on one side, the day north land evocation. Throughout the &; Ten years after the death of lu xun, guo moruo led memorial, lu xun once again failed to himself and never regret. He said: & other; You really a little regret, shouldn’t increase on arrogance, and it worth a consult the master, in loses the chance to meet each other. Throughout the &; & other; I met with lu xun’s, really can be said to be lost. Throughout the &; Why on earth do they missed and why is intriguing.

first impressions in October 1920, guo moruo in the supplement journal study lamp, first read lu xun’s novels, that is the story of the hair. He thinks that lu xun’s observation is very profound, style is concise, again & other; Think of his feelings too boring, tonal and dim, always a little and his funny counter & throughout; . Guo moruo also admitted that this kind of feeling & other; Until his “scream” & throughout; .

this is why, when yu dafu urged him to read the “home” and “the true story of ah Q”, he did not go to read. He said: & other; But I always snub, losing the chance to read. After work is almost set names is not clear. Throughout the &; However, he was in novels by lu xun and zhou zuoren translation evaluation, obviously the novels by lu xun, the respect that the novel for & other; Virgo & throughout; , for the translation & other; Matchmaker & throughout; , & other; Virgo shall respect, matchmaker should be slightly suppress & throughout; .

lu xun did not lead to this affection, he said, the idea of guo moruo, & other; I was seen, but not the same, always thought a virgin and try to do the matchmaker & throughout; . & other; I finally not despise translation. Throughout the &; Lu xun of guo moruo’s translation style, gently criticism way: & other; I for Mr Guo moruo’s translation, very worried, he is too smart, and brave. Throughout the &;

in 1921, guo moruo, fangwu, yu dafu, and so on creation. Fangwu youthful, about lu xun’s “cry”. Lu xun is extremely excited, said: & other; His & lsquo; Vulgar & rsquo; Charges, putting a few axe kill “scream”, push the island not only for the excellent work & ndash; & ndash; Nature also have a bad place. Throughout the &; Aren’t fangwu not approving the island “, so “scream” second version, just delete “no island” by lu xun, in & other; To this & lsquo; Ghost & rsquo; Counters with a blow & throughout; .

go to not go to guangzhou

in 1924, lu xun in “on photography,” said: & other; Recently it is fighting his bucket, did this many works such as the creation society the gentleman, but also too small a picture of three people. Throughout the &; The so-called & other; Three people & throughout; Is guo moruo, fangwu, yu dafu. And he said, to create fan in “& other; Yet & lsquo; Revolution & rsquo; , has been & lsquo; Threads sent & rsquo; A few of as eyesore & throughout; . This a few people there is lu xun.

on October 27, 1926 in guangzhou women’s normal school coach xu guangping letter to lu xun, hope in his speed to sun yat-sen university in guangzhou, lu xun wrote back to say that & other; See list of cuhk examination committee today, how much liberal arts go-between & throughout; , & other; Guo moruo, yu dafu was there, and then, I will go or not doesn’t seem to matter much, you don’t have to hurry to the & throughout; . Later, lu xun and letter to xu guangping explanation: & other; In fact I also have a little ambition, also thought of guangzhou, after the gentlemen still strikes it & hellip; & hellip; The second is with the creation society, build a front, more attack on the old days, I struggled to write some more words. Throughout the &;

lu xun couldn’t after all, he told xu guangping, and guo moruo and the relationship between creation society, because someone just to provoke, such as hurricane club Gao Changhong, & other; Fabricated many session (e.g., said I called guo moruo, etc.) & throughout; .

until the middle of January 1927, LuXunCai away to guangzhou, while guo moruo had left guangzhou.

mountain down made said

in October 1927, lu xun kai xu guangping from guangzhou to Shanghai, after a period of thinking, has intentionally reconciled to create clubs, he said in a letter to Li Ji wild: & other; Creation society and our feelings seem to be very good right now. They are popular in the south oppression, alas. See now literary aspects, seems to only create, Oxford, heavy bell three clubs, other have no, all three clubs if silence, China really become desert. Throughout the &; All together, they finally think of restoring creation weekly, to & other; As a common garden & throughout; . Fangwu went to Japan, however, the joint plan changes abruptly. Japan’s left-wing literature, make fangwu more empowering. He and Li Chuli, Feng Naichao and others, in opposition to the coalition, lu xun thought of lu xun’s literature thought and revolutionary literature.

in October 1927 to February 1928, between lu xun and guo moruo in Shanghai, is a mountain down Japan’s bookstore boss made friends, mountain in bookstores often can be found in them. They also had never once, however, in this reason is really confusing.

mountain down have made both of them are compared, and a said: & other; Lu xun and guo moruo’s character is a little different. Throughout the &; Guo moruo & other; Engaged in politics, has the temperament of the politicians & throughout; , & other; Lu xun is a pure native writer, once showed his opinion, it will never be shaken, has committed & throughout; . With the principle of politicians, a stubborn character, with intellectuals and, of course, will not take the initiative to condescend to each other, to heal the feelings of aperture, the only way can be avoided, dodge, to avoid even the encounter awkwardness and discomfort.

yu dafu’s attitude

create social censure of lu xun’s essays, one after another, and even ridicule in lu xun’s native place, family, etc. They imposed on lu xun: & other; Represents the assets of the leisure class, or sleep in the petty bourgeoisie in the drum & throughout; ; They even use abusive language: & other; Get out our old knight out lu xun literature offered a flurry. Now let’s come to him the doddering flurry. Throughout the &;

the pseudonym of guo moruo to Du Quan published in journal of creation “on the front of the feudal remnants”, said that lu xun & other; Like this respect native place, family, respect for age, even respect your body hair skin, this is the faith of the feudal era! Throughout the &;

Chen yuan, Gao Changhong argue, the lu xun and guo moruo how much understanding of lu xun, meanwhile, guo moruo say that they are justice, even the heart will and Chen yuan, Gao Changhong controversy, lu xun yu as & other; The imperialists fought because of conflict of interest between & throughout; , & other; Apes and chimps, people can from near critical matters and their a gorilla who will go to help? Throughout the &; For the label at the moment, he even on lu xun to make such a conclusion: & other; Capitalism before a hotter & throughout; , & other; A frustrated FASCIST (FASCIST truths) & throughout; .

yu dafu saw are angry, however, think the creation society and guo moruo, emotional behavior, too disappointing, and imitation of du fu’s rhyme “play for six, a gift of lu xun, a poem in a show of solidarity:

ZuiYan hazy on restaurants, Shouting wanders two leisurely. PI fu shake the tree there, don’t waste the rivers flow of all ages.