Guqin inheritance: guqin should not only have a beer in classic also to go to the mass line

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s two generations of lingnan guqin master Yang Xinlun (left), the sudden show (right)

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x guide show: the guqin both want to have a beer in classic also want to go & other; The mass line throughout the &;

s new express reporter Xu Shaona

guqin is the han nationality’s oldest stringed instrument, are gems of Chinese culture. As the eighth generation disciple of lingnan guqin and national intangible heritage project, sudden show and become attached to more than 50 years. In the years of the study, in addition to inherit ancient playing skill and music spectrum and other traditional, also led the disciple to keep up with his sudden show & other; Fashion & throughout; Steps, for example, try to use guqin playing music, folk songs, etc., guangdong and guqin partner from since the ancient times & other; Jean shaw & throughout; Development & other; Harps & throughout; , & other Jean zheng & throughout; And today’s symphony orchestra.

guqin from & other; Highbrow & throughout; To today’s & other; The mass line throughout the &; , generations of people. Reporters, on the day of his sudden show home students is also a discrepancy in the piano, an endless stream, some come to class, and some asked him to the piano, and to consulting solutions & hellip; & hellip; Sudden show always gentle patience for students, as long as there is students to ask questions, he will personally demonstration.

50 years of piano, string blood don’t even know it

in 1960, his sudden show by erhu music school, admitted to the guangzhou but entrance after he has been in guqin class, become the guqin only a formal professional students. He had never seen a guqin pressure is huge, but fortunately, his teacher is lingnan master Yang Xinlun.

the day of the piano is difficult and boring at the beginning, & other; YinZhuan condition is poor, we haven’t the classroom, studying piano master on loan. In class, often a write a few sentences or a piece of note is the course content. Throughout the &; His sudden show said, it’s not difficult to learn guqin, thousands of years, after all, haven’t changed traditional playing techniques; But the guqin to learners’ requirements is quite high. & other; In addition to the talent and ability to accept, and the limitation of economic conditions, buy a regular piano is not cheap, good piano is more rare. In 1976, & lsquo; The cultural revolution & rsquo; The end, as & lsquo; Old four & rsquo; To ban of guqin & lsquo; Liberation & rsquo; , I bought the first guqin, 40 yuan, all used up my annual savings. Throughout the &;

in YinZhuan three years, the teacher also participate in all kinds of music, with a sudden show & other; At the end of 1960, the province YinXie XinShangHui held two guqin in weld road, and then the audience saw big famous singer lo wing and had tender bead, I play is the main introduction tunes, was later sent television broadcast, this is my first time on TV. Throughout the &; After the sudden obsession with open the floodgates for guqin, in order to attend the first music show of guangzhou, he often practice hours non-stop, & other; Rehearsal finger worn out, string dyed red, and also don’t know it. Throughout the &;

, said xie guide show performance of miao is & other; Yue heart & throughout; , to savor before. & other; Play the ancients regarded as & lsquo; Product jean & rsquo; , before I can play the showering and incense, like tea taste play out every sound, this is a kind of spirit to enjoy, so ancient instruments of people is often high. Throughout the &; Though as the time changes, playing guqin has no longer constrained by the ancient example, but the sudden show that, the in the mind freely is still on a peace and calm QinGu minimum requirements and test.

tweedle shock foreigner, inheritance to

over the decades, xie guide shows footprints have been away from guangzhou to Hong Kong, came to the university of Oxford, etc. In May 2010, he took was handed down the disciple to perform at the university of London, that a show of his so far in the mind. & other; It is almost all foreigners, but they could hear the tangents. After the performance, the audience would not go, stay in groups to talk about feelings, some people are excited and said a lot of time & lsquo; Wonderful & rsquo; And a female audience into tears on the spot. Throughout the &; In recent years, there are many traveled overseas Chinese come to his sudden show the piano. Not long ago, there is a Singapore students to his home, the piano to have nothing to do after riveting in jean table, hasn’t released the door three days and three nights, degree of obsession with the sudden show is amazing.

in fact, his sudden show of guqin inheritance has been sparing no effort. Institute was founded in 1980, guangdong guqin, Yang Xinlun President, sudden show as secretary-general, membership is just follow Yang Xinlun learning guqin seven students. Guqin art does not concern at that time, the money is also quite limited site, with guided show xie has insisted on a month to organize a guqin sets, and to provide the exchange studying the platform of the Aegean. But in the 1990 s, guqin research face various problems such as funds, sites, make up, even forced to dissolve. When sudden racking their brains, for support. Until 1999, haizhu museum, district federation at the museum free of charge to provide research activities such as field research to restore normal operation.

in lingnan piano learning works, is the biggest impact of the qing Huang Jingxing “room tablature enlightenment snow mountain”, the ancient tablature full set of seven volumes, 50 first collection of music of violin, which appeared in 1836, the complete version is very rare. His sudden show heard after six volumes qing codex in kunming, yunnan, immediately with several students to search in yunnan province. Back from yunnan spares no pains to carry six this photocopy, sudden and show them a lot of reproduction, distribution, teach students without reservation.