“GuYuanChong set net book” : an old soldier journey of calligraphy

“GuYuanChong set net book works

in 2011, by the hand of a friend to come into contact with the GuYuanChong set net book, GuYuanChong calligraphy, or storyteller wind, is his heart portrayal, the style is the man. Valley old calligraphy is not only all the heart and spirit temperament will be shown, present its past, weak but also abundant and colorful mental state. His work heavy and light quality, not for form calligraphy, itself, but rather in calligraphy.

Chinese calligraphy pays attention to verve, valley old & other; Set a thorough & throughout; Aims and determining the changeable diameter and creative attitude, to form the interpretation of meaning to understand valley can aptly show the old interpretation of the Chinese calligraphy. Valley old line as a force the military for many years, although in octogenarian, but calligraphy pen ink good, on the body. His handwriting is not deliberately pursue’s various font style, if true, the fully understanding of the modeled and creation, care about the people and the book and find a channel of the self, to make us have become a kind of dialogue, learn, create links, find yourself in the link, to verify the ancients, final fantasy’s true art form. He fused all the standard and method in works, the velocity of: such as wang xizhi’s “get in post”, “the handicraftsmen, the principles of sun book charts, c of the primary draft was evident.

enters, permanent way, although GuYuanChong shoka started relatively late, but its understanding is good, the same point, a cross, a pie, a si, in the valley of old are astute, impressive. Since books, his works are fell learning path, existing a lot of works published in major exhibitions at home and abroad, numerous awards. GuYuanChong works of forthright and sincere, has the certain rules, more quaint simplicity, gout pale, qiao in, running script shu lang “word, is 欹 alternate with, stipple precise and cheng du jin jian, Qiu and see the new idea, and gas filling.

the calligraphy is one of the most see temperament, from the stylus pen and the handing down and reflects the author’s understanding of it and comprehension, placing the GuYuanChong set net book in numerous calligraphy book, at first glance may not outstanding, even humble, but with the deepening understanding, will find it reflects the valley of old stars and their unique understanding and performance of the Chinese calligraphy as a cup of tea, a unique and rich sweet to my taste.

member of China artists association Yu Yang