Hainan chrysanthemum pear prices rose more than 10 years 400 times Expensive than gold

before and after the Spring Festival in 2012, was found in pengzhou, sichuan farmers Wu Gaoliang in their contracted land is more than 12 million yuan worth of ebony, public concerns about the incident has continued fermentation & hellip; & hellip; By the Chinese academy of forestry science research institute of wood industry, Wu Gaoliang found this batch of ebony identified as transferred to lauraceae frame nan, namely common & other; Gold-rimmed nanmu & throughout; . In the market, tree species for gold-rimmed nanmu ebony is the most expensive. Value of 12 million is not groundless.

in recent years, the heat collection for scarce wood not inferior at resplendent jewels. Due to the cultural value contained rare wood, and even more scholars who praise highly, has also been market lull. But & other; Wild wood & throughout; Causing concern not only hereat, but the real thing is hard to find. Hainan chrysanthemum pear, for example, the variety has been already extinct, average rise as high as 400 times in ten years.

southern daily reporter Xie Meng

hainan chrysanthemum pear

hainan chrysanthemum pear extinct since 2005?

& other; Hainan chrysanthemum pear is not died out in recent years throughout the &; . Guangzhou a folk huang hua limu collectors tells a reporter, because wait slowly, aniseed is rare, hainan chrysanthemum pear (hereinafter referred to as & other; Yellow sea & throughout;) In the late Ming dynasty has been close to extinction. The expert introduction, used to store some chrysanthemum pear wood, qing used most when abdicated to buy & other; The qianlong garden & throughout; When he began to reign is completely exhausted.

by collectors relishes the furniture of chrysanthemum pear production are born in the Ming dynasty, the cremation of class of educated and aesthetic consciousness of height are closely related. Open hai jin Ming longqing years, break the isolation of taboo in one thousand. Zheng he’s voyage to communicate the sea trade routes, made in China’s hainan island native chrysanthemum pear were sea-crossing landing of the superior quality, which in turn into the imperial palace in Beijing.

it is reported that hainan chrysanthemum pear to appear in people’s horizons, the Shanghai expo in 1963, hainan area delegation of medicinal materials. At that time, a specialist in the mountains found a small amount of hainan chrysanthemum pear wild trees, but in the end of this batch of hainan chrysanthemum pear were cut down. So far the market to find wait hainan chrysanthemum pear aniseed.

& other; Can be calculated, the yellow sea began in 2005 has basically eradicated. At present, hainan chrysanthemum pear furniture on the market of raw material is mainly used to old, old furniture and farm tools as well as some from the apothecary on hoarding. Throughout the &; Private collectors, due to the new plant of hainan chrysanthemum pear timber need to more than 200 years, so the raw material for yellow sea fault duration could reach 200.

10 years in hainan chrysanthemum pear price rose more than 400 times, as expensive than gold

hainan chrysanthemum pear extremely slow, and itself also has a high medicinal value and collection value. It is understood that deals with the history of hainan chrysanthemum pear price, from the early 1980 s, just a few cents a catty into sawdust to medicine. Compared to the early 90 s, the average salary of 100-500 yuan a month, the furniture of chrysanthemum pear has started quickly rose to 1000 yuan a kilo. After 1997, the source of hainan chrysanthemum pear wood has less and less, the specifications of the material is becoming more and more small. In addition, the last ten years of domestic material acquisition is basically the sources of supply of goods is running out, make lumber prices climbed to a higher position, hainan chrysanthemum pear price per ton in 1997 has reached more than ten, big old material even close to two hundred thousand yuan.

since 2006, the top of the chrysanthemum pear market began to start step by step, and exceeding RMB ten thousand. But the soaring price of huanghua pear basically started in 2008. Good, relatively complete old material gradually rose to a ton of around 25 million. Hainan chrysanthemum pear is & other; Throughout the world’s most expensive wood &; . And the price of Vietnam chrysanthemum pear now achieved 3 million yuan a ton.

according to the statistics, 10 years of hainan chrysanthemum pear prices rose by more than 400 times. For chrysanthemum pear price by leaps and bounds, the personage inside course of study thinks in Ming dynasty, chrysanthemum pear price is extremely high, comparable to gold.

chrysanthemum pear beautiful decorative pattern, colour and lustre downy, have fragrance, easier for deep color and light color, also suitable for Mosaic, has the processing performance is good, soft hard moderate and heavy, not easy to deformation characteristics, suitable for production of mortise and tenon joint, is the most respected in the Ming dynasty and early qing of the wood. Museum researcher de-sheng hu has said that chrysanthemum pear prices higher and the characteristics of the wood itself are inseparable.

yellow sea, the yellow reliable prices are close to smell

in recent years, with the emergence of Vietnam chrysanthemum pear this call, the Ming and qing classical furniture is all for hainan chrysanthemum pear material is faced with some controversy. Some experts and scholars and furniture manufacturers think, Ming and qing classical furniture is made of hainan chrysanthemum pear no Vietnam chrysanthemum pear; While some experts and scholars and collectors personage thinks, Ming and qing classical furniture has part is made of Vietnam chrysanthemum pear.

access to historical data shows that in the Ming and qing dynasties, there has been no hainan chrysanthemum pear and Vietnam, hainan chrysanthemum pear and Vietnam the appellation of huanghua pear is began to appear in recent years. In Gardner, sotheby’s and poly international auction, the furniture of chrysanthemum pear formal they never made clear in hainan province and Vietnam, collectively known as the furniture of chrysanthemum pear, only s as distinction. Until 2000, with reference to the encyclopaedia britannica the redwood national standards set by the origin location of hainan chrysanthemum pear, chrysanthemum pear is hainan chrysanthemum pear and Vietnam.

a few years ago, hainan chrysanthemum pear and Vietnam more than ten times the difference between the price of chrysanthemum pear, and nearly two years, with the extinction of hainan chrysanthemum pear, and Vietnam, the scarcity of huanghua pear, the difference between the two is close.

the personage inside course of study introduces, solely based on the characteristics of the decorative pattern of hainan chrysanthemum pear, color characteristics to identify, easy to mistake, need to compare several kinds of combination. Hainan chrysanthemum pear smells medicinal materials of fragrance, soft; And the smell of Vietnam chrysanthemum pear is pungent, slightly spicy. The color of hainan chrysanthemum pear more soft, natural transition and depth more reserved and angry; And Vietnam chrysanthemum pear dark colour comparison, contrast of color and texture of light and shade change obviously, distinguish more clear.

for hainan chrysanthemum pear investment and collection, collection of expert advice if it is early introduction stage, should see less, don’t blind approach. Marked on the market & other; Hainan chrysanthemum pear & throughout; , is not the real yellow, even the real hainan chrysanthemum pear, also should & other; Shape & throughout; , & other Art & throughout; , & other Material & throughout; , & other Rhyme & throughout; Four aspects of the comprehensive considerations.

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belong to leguminous plants of the genus jacaranda, butterfly flower subfamily, scientific name for & other; Dalbergiae cocobolo & throughout; . In the numerous flower pear category, indisputably hainan chrysanthemum pear, locals call & other; Step-down wood & throughout; . Hainan chrysanthemum pear is mainly grown in hainan island, woodiness firm heavy, fine texture, color smell beautiful. The heartwood new aspects for the purple brown or dark reddish brown, often with black stripes. New plane hot gas rich, long, slightly sweet; Fine structure; Oblique, or texture.

points ambition of hainan chrysanthemum pear and pineapple two kinds, material, colour and lustre, grain also with different varieties, growth region, climate, environment has great difference. Top grade for & other; Avocados & throughout; , slow growth and timber, oily big, deep color, decorative pattern beauty, similar & other; A face & throughout; . Pineapple color lighter, less oily, weight is lighter, the pattern of the beautiful colour is a bit poor.