Hair should cartoonist ouyang ji: life is eat into work design

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ouyang should ji, early forties, with white hair. Don’t ask him & other; Whether can rice & throughout; Such a false dichotomy, the somebody else’s appetite is big, design, writing, food, comics, take up more, recently a new book the man born to be rice, tells the story of he and food. On the cover of ouyang, exalted spatula, clings to a grain on the face, a pair of upon shef appearance. It is said that a man eat have no appetite for food, it is only for nothing, ouyang should ji is considered a rice man: one side has tasted the bitter sweet delicious world, while countless number of work roll.

interview him in nanjing. Ouyang said he was more than a decade ago for the first time to come to nanjing, the deepest impression is eat: & other; When it comes to nanjing, we commonly think of salted duck is the specialty, but I don’t want to eat or some Hong Kong at ordinary times to eat vegetables, basil water celery, are all well. At noon today when you eat and drink a chrysanthemum soup, good special, only by nanjing soil raising such a special taste. Throughout the &;

he said that since the childhood love of food and family has a lot to do. & other; In fact in one’s childhood home is not very rich, love good food and family had money it doesn’t matter. Throughout the &; Ouyang ji smiled and for their own good good excuse. Grandpa is Indonesia overseas Chinese and work in Shanghai, my mother was born in Shanghai to Japan, my father is from guangdong, complicated family background to ouyang ji’s childhood should be around the table in the absorbs the delicacy.

ouyang often eat in a friend’s house, but cooking is not the owner, is his own. He habitually someone’s home as their home not only, also as a laboratory: & other; When I was a child began to learn the first dish is Indonesia salad, a bit like peanuts with vinegar and a variety of spices mixed together, this is my first food for the students. I will cook a meal, this is the Shanghai home cooking, I do is wet, can mix from fujian province, some very like to eat red onion, very sweet. Throughout the &;

life is design

time weekly: your natural is a head of white hair?

ouyang should ji: yeah, I can’t, also can’t explain. I am not deliberately to darken or how, this is also quite good. When it comes to health keeping in good health, I think in social change so fast now, how to keep healthy is very important. So I’m often very bothersome to tell the children, pay attention to the normal diet and normal rest, young people can be a bit presumptuous, but again how extravagant also want to maintain a good life, let your body to keep a good state, it is very important. I often tell them that there is still a long way to go. I feel a bit like when say these words old man, good bothersome.

time weekly: you learn is designed to be, but to eat to work over the years, you still have a lot of design exhibition planned.

ouyang should ji: I think life is design, design is life. This is one of my basic concept. As we sit here, beside the water, so I would consider, underwater sound too big? If there is any impact to our conversation? If it is a good designer, then they will try to reduce the sound of water. Everyone can take the initiative to arrange the present life.

time weekly: I’ve seen you give jia design the cover of the movie soundtrack.

ouyang should ji: in fact, ordinary people do not know much about me, I have done a lot of the cover of the album, but it was very old, sammi cheng, unrequited loves is the record of the couple’s time.

I also coco lee, Eric suen yiu wai, kongs, weekend did cover design several albums, I love to do new album cover, because they have no baggage, willing to try new things. If is pop diva, is that kind of feel & other; Three-quarters of the ah I side oh oh must take the most beautiful Angle & throughout; Big star, I is not caught a cold.

& other; Throughout Hong Kong & taste;

time weekly: now eat into your work, you like to eat everywhere now?

ouyang should ji: now I’m almost always on the road, is more and more far. First day I go to Germany got a call from the invited me to go to Spain next week. Going to do instead? Say it is likely to smile, for me to eat a meal! And, of course, this is not a normal meal well, the meal is over the years has been ranked first in the world of a restaurant! I go to eat is their farewell feast, the boss has a new idea, need to put up the shutters for a period of time to prepare his new ideas. The boss is very tall, before to prepare for the second half of the new dishes, open half a year for half a year. This time, he decided to close the restaurant to open test kitchen, the practice of his own ideas. I think this is the most smart!

time weekly: eat so many meals, if you cook, you best at?

ouyang should ji: general home cooking, I will do some cooking, I prefer to do more. Learn as a child to do Indonesia salad, peanuts, peppers, vinegar and a variety of spices mixed together, it could be when I was 8, 9 years old first do for students to eat food.

I travel to Italy after exposure to Italian food, like very much, begin to learn to do pasta. Travel have been to the place, the more the more you learn, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia & hellip; & hellip; I also began to more and more boldly try dishes mix. I tried Japanese food and Italian food mix build, do a roe. Dry pasta with roe, Italy, Japan also put cooking fish roe, I took the Japanese of roe and take them to the pasta also put under the nori. I like to play this game cooking, can mix of different cultures together, I think eating was always should not be a very serious matter.

time weekly: home now is you cook, or your wife cooking?

ouyang should ji: the two of us would burn, see who have the time. When I was in Hong Kong, must be in the studio do lunch, eat together with assistant.

time weekly: you once said: & other; Hong Kong has several restaurants almost became my dining room. Throughout the &; What is the exact several?

ouyang should ji: & other; The snake huang Finn & throughout; Is authentic cantonese cooking, of course, they have special skills, can do it I can’t make taste and level at home. & other; The snake huang Finn & throughout; Only this one in Hong Kong, didn’t do any chain, I with owners of two generations of people very well, go to their home for dinner, as if to see little sister, this is the place where I could produce emotional projection. Store is very small, more than a dozen table, full is the appearance of the 50 people. But let you touched, they handed down from one generation to another (seems to have is the fourth generation), also does not have the too big ambition to do big business, honesty duty to cook, so taste is very authentic.

I just love this kind of a traditional family runs a small restaurant, not big business, but most see & other; Throughout Hong Kong & taste; . By the spirit of diet can appreciate Hong Kong in Hong Kong, can really see, the very love Hong Kong, very concerned about how Hong Kong people run restaurants.

turn to break the “three hair huckleberry Finn”

time weekly: when did you begin to draw cartoons?

ouyang should ji: I have long been interested in cartoon, the first anthology aiming the serial way is in Hong Kong published in the journal “extra” collected works, almost before I have been in the “extra” painted for a year or two. Now I also published some cartoons every week, but now cartoon creation is not my main job. Exposed some problems in the social life can make you feel heavy, is a big problem, is not easily a smile can solve a cartoonist to ability between and, the problem of some heavy hit the nail on the head and location to the nature of things & ndash; Use a initialamusement means. Read comics, at least need to know should be how to ridicule, satire of society, mocking side injustice things, this is the cartoonist plays an important role: justice and injustice for you to have a my own judgment. For disadvantaged groups, the nouveau riche, for money, what kind of attitude you hold? How are you going to voice and criticism? You may see I write books, travel, like enjoy life, but in fact, no matter how much I eat how to play, I will still keep view of the society.

time weekly: have more influence on your animators have?

ouyang should ji: affect my cartoonist, at home and abroad are many. Such as feng zikai, lisa doyen, comics masters He You straight, I like it also admire. I never forget when I was a child to see “three hair huckleberry Finn”, a version that was in 1957, I still kept, it accompany I had a happy childhood. I don’t know how many times, has been broken. That’s my comic book enlightenment & ndash; That is not four frames? !

time weekly: now less the cartoon picture, what is the reason?

ouyang should ji: I think each stage of the life needs to have a key, as the five or six years, I have to do something related to food, even now draw comics related to food, the diet culture atmosphere, my spirit is more easy to focus. This is almost my life to do. People have limitations, if let me to study the cello now, is not can’t, but to be a cellist is almost impossible, only to yourself, and entertaining.