Half the audience of “jiangnan Style” is the most popular songs once at the bottom

if you would like to ask this year which is the most popular songs of red first, there must be a lot of people mentioned “jiangnan Style”, this song MV in youtube hits milestone achievement is enough to make it appear. But strangely, in a recent music radio, the most-watched stock index in 101 annual 101 pop song, once ranked at the bottom of the “jiangnan Style” votes, and so far only medium, music analysis, it shows that the rapid transformation of the audience attention.

annual tag does not fire

this year of 101 is the most closely watched popular song selection, great “online in tencent, annual golden melody votes has now made millions, reflects the 15 to 34, young audience to the be fond of pop songs. Surprisingly, the jiangnan Style this popular annual music hot tag, in fact is not so & other; Fire & throughout; .

reporters yesterday in a vote on a web page to see, the jiangnan Style with 3005 votes, the ranking is only medium, far worse than the same handsome boy from South Korea BigBang combination of “Blue”, the song of the votes to 15949 votes. “Jiangnan Style” votes less than votes, the fraction of some Chinese songs, such as han geng the unconstrained cursive script, currently with 131232 votes, hoho “without this song” also received 356645 votes. Organizers said they thought the jiangnan Style should touch the sky, and the results are surprising.

half of the bored audience

if voting idol singer comparative advantage, the authority has a data research firm for dynamic 101 tailor-made a music test is more directly shows the attitude of the audience. The reporter understands, this test invited 120 at the age of 15 to 34, the audience to choose they want to listen to songs. More than half of the audience who took the test, said: “the jiangnan Style” and the related cultural symbols to show too much, already let the audience some tired. Visible, in the popular culture of fast food today, these dazzling star & other; Shelf life & throughout; Has been more and more short, is the so-called comes to go, when the audience’s novelty after the ebb, they are quickly by extreme enthusiasm into extreme boredom, in the attention of the roller coaster boom, the core topic of transformation has become an unprecedented fast.