Han cry of emperor liu xin romantic love: love jiangshan preference (figure)!

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Ken chu’s version of “chu legend” and so there is a lyrics: in jiangshan picturesque beauty alone people. Through the ages of all is a beauty center put many love emperor, jiangshan people stand aside, such as beiqi left in high latitude, Chen after emperor houzhou of Chen China, etc., are girls – good, bad, good carry of a jiangshan is they changed the name. But the emperor even sidetracked, touching on his throne, they will try very hard to fight back. Achieve the comrade, for example, a power would kill to sleep not steadfast hulu guang. One in the history of the emperor is totally different, he doesn’t love, don’t love beauty, but only love a men, love is love, and his throne as dowry, love to marry that good-looking guy. The highest state of real devotes herself to the emperor & ndash; & ndash; Taking the throne for little, see love for all. This man is a famous han emperor liu xin.

han cry of emperor’s predecessor, the han emperor in above have been introduced, he is a man of love is the highest. If you fell in love with will desperate rush forward, so that he rushed too hard, finally did not even leave a child half female. Played so han cry of emperor, he was surely TaoWang, han emperor deliberately made his crown prince, see a letter to the inspection personally. Liu xin children excelled as a result, & other; To recite poems, tong xi, can say & throughout; , between the question and answer, into the han emperor chin, immediately decided to set up the 17-year-old boy as his successor. However, things did not seem so pure. Liu xin is the han emperor option, the then prince huang Sun Cheng hundreds, can choose the people everywhere. The throne is liu xin life on the road to success will be options, the family’s prosperity depends on his campaign this time. So his grandmother racking their brains, spent money, bought into the emperor han later zhao swallow a persuade me taking briberies. Ago, zhao, gently a blow to persuade me taking briberies, han as emperor was strangled his own son, without hesitation, now things of this nature. Liu xin as successors of the empire and it was so settled down.

two years later, the han emperor in dragon bed & other; Died on & throughout; , cry of emperor han dynasty took the big fellow smoothly to the throne, began his legendary life (because died too young, acceded to the throne was his & other; Old age & throughout;) . Just when he ascended the throne, comrade liu xin can not spend money not to spend money, can take self-denial don’t spend a penny, as far as possible to have a saving revolting. At the same time, he devoted in the affairs of state, insist on one’s own things to do, don’t let the eunuch and amateurs. Inside and outside for a moment, in one’s hand feel delighted, feel the national revitalization is expected to be & ndash; & ndash; The court uniform hope to cure.

han cry of emperor reign were able as early, and his predecessor’s fatuity is inseparable. Han emperor is a man of corruption and play, love play project is with lovers around for sightseeing. The emperor’s work nature determines their do monk, lines and should do sadhus, decades to stay in during which govern. It’s a pity that the han emperor without this consciousness, into their own small home, little concern for the whole world the people, cause after han emperor and the followers in han dynasties efforts to recover the western han dynasty, once again fall in his sickbed. Aware of this, liu xin decided to have a big as, revive ChaoGang. He is thinking, so at the beginning of, but not so long. Law of development of Chinese history tells us: time and again failed behind the emperor there are one or more of the failure of a woman. Han into Scott sister is behind the emperor, han cry of emperor liu xin behind a fu queen mother. Queen mother fu is an aggressive, ambitious, women who have a temper but not level, raised by her cry of emperor han character weakness, it is rely on it, cause & other Mother Katherine child weak & throughout; In the situation. , minister li had found good han cry of emperor: & other; Please your majesty exciting masculinity, determined, don’t listen to the woman at the mercy of & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; However, once the soft form, it is hard to hard. With the passage of time, the queen mother fu began to stretch only one finger, then ten fingers together, riding on state affairs all day, lee found & other; Chung Yang Yin suppression & throughout; Dream eventually became & other; Tang Yin or Yang & throughout; The sad reality.

life like a stream, not to advance is to go back. Han cry of emperor not best don’t fire the governance of the country after three years, a handsome man back into his political career began, the man is Dong Xian. Dong Xian is empire Dong Gong son, began as a small officer Mr. Scheeren prince. Others grow very individualize, specifically is handsome, handsome just for a change of hairstyle is & other; Beauty & throughout; . Dong handsome boy saw that she had such a good hardware, and vigorously develop its own software, lead to behavior is also very feminine personality, & other; Sex is soft & throughout; , & other Good luck & throughout; . Using a popular word now is neutral.

deal in two years (five years BC) by chance, met Dong Xian han cry of emperor, if want to add a attributive in front is & other; Deadly & throughout; , not only his life and the life of the western han dynasty. Since then things open the floodgates, han cry of emperor and dong handsome boy intense friction, sparks amazing love. Love a person is the highest realm of & other; Love you more than love myself & throughout; , han emperor comprehended it. Gold and silver jewelry in the palace is his private property, originally he resolutely gave Dong Xian, and give each other the best, for yourself a little time. With jewelry, you have to have to hold jewelry house, han cry of emperor, then build outside the north door of the house, the whole project is very big, after the completion of the Dong Fu gorgeous, fantastic, just replace MenBian with & other; The Forbidden City & throughout; . Inside the house, the decoration of the nor humble, and han cry of emperor even their daily utensils from contracting. Every time put things, there is a solution, then the emperor personally review, approval to send. Jewelry, house, all furniture with good, one thousand have a thief for a hair caring? Don’t worry, the han emperor is a good lover has a gift for a babysitter. The palace guards the original ability is his wages, protect his personal safety. Later became to bring his wages, protect Dong Xian the personal safety of a large family, and is 24 hours a day. This is not, is a Dong Xian street loiter about, has specially for his old man’s house to escort. Later, han cry of emperor thought can see almost all things sent, thus began to send things invisible Dong Xian & ndash; & ndash; Identity. Dong Xian twenty or so, however, was to start in hou, first made fu, one of the largest officer Dong Xian and thenceforth column with big common, Stuart thereof, prominent at that time. Yuan life of two years (BC) a year, the huns khan personally to the party saw all princes beard a handful and only Dong Xian at a young age, have a sit, strange ask interpretation, “emperor to interpretation returns: & other; Fu young to big xian ju. Throughout the &; Khan, hurriedly merry han cry of emperor xian minister.

here, you must feel han cry of emperor is the best man in the world, wrong! I want to tell you the han cry of emperor is permeating the best man, he not only to do Dong Xian flying freely in the nanny, to do the nanny of the grave. Him at the same time of building their own YiLing, specially set aside a vacant lot beside to Dong Xian tomb, hope after death can also often popping dong, talk about feeling, talk about love. Truly the dead also want to love.

but before death, the han emperor had almost the Dong Xian love. For example, han cry of emperor once got up early, is still in a dream of dong he pillowed the handsome one sleeve, the emperor’s adult to scare him, sword cut sleeve. There is a party, han cry of emperor looked at Dong Xian and smiling, slipped out: & other; I think method YaoChan shun, see? Throughout the &; What does that mean? Is to give the emperor’s throne to Dong Xian to do it. Often present shi Wang Hong bother admonition immediately cry of a king. Estimation is shocked, cry from emperor also not openly mentioned it again later.

previous heard that there are only anthomaniac, after watching the story of han cry of emperor, finally know that there are types of people call & other; Grass chi & throughout; . Chi is minority after all, but grass was less a bit like that & other; Heliocentric theory & throughout; Theorists, so in the grass in the ordinary people eyes chi is a monster, is heterogeneous, their presence is a mistake. Such as prime minister in a melon&fiona shall have denounced in hydrophobic: & other; Luxury trespass, pleasure to indulge, divide between Yin and Yang & hellip; & hellip; Your majesty has always been kind intelligent, cautious, but now with the negligence was have pilloried & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Called after the old man also do not forget to curse, think Dong Xian should & other; One thousand people, have no illness and death throughout the &; , namely die. After hearing these words, the emperor was very angry, the consequence is very serious, was under a DaYu melon&fiona comrades. The king of the prime minister to protest a hunger strike, incredibly strong for more than twenty days, before dong handsome boy don’t die a natural death, his first hematemesis and die.

actually love this thing since ancient times to today is a luxury for the emperor, lower right of the person you like, dad mom didn’t promise, timid around strangers out is not the dragon seed; Like a bit crazy, ministers do not allow, afraid of the boss work honestly; The one you like is too ugly, the whole world does not allow, afraid to scare away international friends. In the end, the emperor of so many people who are truly in love with them together, almost few. Emperor and some thought she find true love, actually has been in the beauty of life lies in, just because they love the throne and power, rather than the emperor himself. Such as a lifetime of love Wan Guifei MingXian zong, got killed by somebody else use drug abortion so much flesh and blood, incredibly still infatuation does not change.

as an emperor, han emperor love behavior is inappropriate. Use the power of the country gave him the Dong Xian excessive reward arbitrary, a tangled web; Care about a man than a care about the world, is a dereliction of duty; Advice about secretary integrity of retaliation, a fatuous stubborn. However, as a man who dare to love dare to hate, he is lovely, worthy of sympathy. Many emperors love when plaything, for the sake of the emperor, even the love out of life. But han cry of emperor, the emperor he way wholeheartedly love Dong Xian, until death. For the emperor side never lack of beauty, it is a miracle.

no disorderly how, han cry of emperor tube front, tube behind him. Yuan life of two years in June, 26 of the han emperor and death. Because of his premature death, not many political savvy of the house of pharaoh queen too empress wang zhengjun made in their follwed out in charge of the country. On Dong Xian follwed seize the popular discontent, first cancel Dong Xian the residency in the palace, a drive them out. And then to recall his fu. Dong Xian know catastrophe, and his wife to commit suicide together in the day, is to love his han emperor double suicide. Is such, follwed still with a little heart thought he suspended animation, people open coffin autopsy, the best of humiliation capabilities.

since then, several dethronement follwed, finally get the big fellow dynasty, and instead, established a new dynasty began a new dynasty.