Han dynasty “XiChe” should be “miscellaneous drama” also refers to the vehicle for performing acrobatics

Cecilia wang and Han Zhaoqi two professors, all is the study of shiji famous. In recent years published “of Cecilia wang read (Cecilia wang zhao, changjiang literature and art publishing house in April 2007 the first edition) and the new vernacular records (Han Zhaoqi translation, first edition may, 2009 by zhonghua book company) is a simple and fit the academic bestsellers, since two books listed, has always been the reader. Two professors in the reading, however, the historical records & middot; mangoku Zhang Shu biographies of inside & other; Wan XiChe as lang & throughout; The & in the other XiChe & throughout; , seems to be the wrong translation and translation does not reach the designated position phenomenon.

the book & middot; mangoku Zhang Shu upright (second edition) in January 2009 by zhonghua book company wrote:

JianLing Hou Wei wan, the generation of big ling also. Wan XiChe as lang, wen emperor, work time moved to corps commander, alcohol have no his & hellip; & hellip; Scene emperor xing Lin, a letter to the corps commander and passenger, and also asked, & other; You know so much and take? Throughout the &; Wan yue: & other; I moved from chatswood, thanks to work time for the corps commander, don’t even know it. Throughout the &;

this paragraph is a simple introduction of wei wan was born, and he and order a dialogue. Wei wan is who? We’ve learned through shiji, he is the generation of AD ling (now shanxi), the Chinese emperor, order, a former corps commander, the emperor period HeJian Wang Taifu, prince who, the ancient, the prime minister and other key positions. In the book said he and other For XiChe lang & throughout; , is he into official career: because & other; XiChe & throughout; By selection of & other; Lang (the emperor attendants around officials) & throughout; . The & other; XiChe & throughout; What do you mean? King, Korea’s two professors how to explain?

the emperor of Cecilia wang read 49 wrote:

what can wei wan is born? Shiji records, who wan (XiChe as lang) because of the modern first-class attendants did the Chinese emperor. In other words: & other; Wei wan is but a coachman once upon a time, not to rise level 3, became the prince around the coach & hellip; & hellip; Soon, the order out hunting, unexpectedly, and the wind drizzle, let who do his participation by wan, is accompanied him by car. Who wan just sit quietly, order and then ask him, know why I today you sit in my car, please? Who wan said, I don’t know. I was but a coachman, home call me up by car.

wrote: on page

look at who wan, will not only play the fool fully distracted, and do good accomplishments; Prince a teacher from the coachman promotion, in the prime minister. And think of Samson chow, stubborn self, never compromise. From the prime minister to run of office, killed in prison. A be hitched up car of the old driver, a — napoleon; IQ, a hope that know.

page 59 wrote:

scene emperor appointed a total of four prime minister. First TaoQing and fourth Ren Wei wan, neither against the qin dynasty, didn’t go out. Nowhere, mediocre. Wei wan is how do the law? Good driving technology, good service attitude.

can be seen from the above three paragraphs, professor Cecilia wang & other; XiChe & throughout; Understand translation for driving, driving, and repeatedly shows that wei wan is a driver.

the new vernacular historical records “on page 948:

JianLing Hou Wei wan, is the generation of nus ling. Who wan with a superb play car’s ability to serve the emperor xiaowen & hellip; & hellip; A view of The Times, the emperor went to swim in the grove, let the corps commander who wan to accompany by his car, on the way back, scene emperor asked him: & other; Do you know why let you accompany take? Throughout the &; Who wan said: & other; I am a play cars, with credit for level 1 level was promoted to the corps commander, this time let me accompany by, I don’t know why. Throughout the &;

this text can be seen from above, professor Han Zhaoqi & other XiChe & throughout; To understand translation & other; Play car & throughout; . What is that & other; Play car & throughout; ? The translation is let a person feel a little blurry.

check in pei Yin SiMaZhen index set of solutions, the tang dynasty, zhang feast justice shiji (zhong in January 2011 the first edition) page 2418, you can see the book on & other; XiChe & throughout; Explanation:

YingShao yue: set solution 】 【 & other; Can control by also. Throughout the &; Such as chun yue: & other; Oak machine e ? ? ? Throughout the &;

[index] : YingShaoYun & other; Can control throughout take the &; . Present a scene of the car also has. Oak notes calendar, refers to or more than. e ? ? ? sound health, the axle

refer to the eastern han dynasty written by ban gu “han & middot; mangoku Zhang Chuan who straight weeks” (YanShiGu annotated in the tang dynasty, zhongzhou ancient books publishing house in December 1991 the first edition) page 365, you can see the book on & other; Who wan, generation of big ling, also for XiChe lang & throughout; & the other; XiChe & throughout; Explanation:

suit execute yue: & other; Its can help XiChe also. Throughout the &; YingShao yue: & other; Can control by. Throughout the &; T the ancient yue: & other; If two says no, XiChe cars of this technology. Throughout the &;

the above references in the annotations and other XiChe & throughout; When the two mentioned YingShao & other; Can control throughout take the &; Say, what is & other; Throughout take the &; , wang li, and universals in compiled “commonly used in ancient Chinese dictionary” (zhong in July 2005, the fourth edition) page 42 annotation for & other; Jump on & throughout; And, for example:

“zuo & middot; Xi male thirty-three years” : & other; Qin teacher zhou northward, around from stomach, super by three hundred times. Throughout the &; (there are three hundred car soldiers are jumping up.)

the author thinks that, & other; Throughout take the &; Translated into & other; Jump on & throughout; Is very accurate, it can be with & other; Oak notes calendar, refers to or more than. Who e ? ? ? notes, axle head & RDQ The meaning of the match. However, scholars in the tang dynasty YanShiGu in annotation “han & middot; mangoku Zhang Chuan” who straight weeks, consummation and YingShao rejected suits. So, we from pei Yin solution, SiMaZhen index and YanShiGu annotations are hard to come by in & other; XiChe & throughout; Modern Chinese meaning of the accurate the word, only know & other; XiChe & throughout; Is & other; Throughout the play & cars; , & other Throughout the skill & cars; .

to know & other; XiChe & throughout; Meaning of modern Chinese, the author reviewed Japanese Long travelling expenses school speech, stir up the loyalty of the historical records will note textual research extension fill (Shanghai ancient books publishing house in April 1986 the first edition, this book is the study of shiji is more authoritative reference books, 2009) as the example in the annotations and other Historical records & throughout; This entry singled out the book.) Page 1716, you can see the book on & other; XiChe & throughout; Explanation:

[research] Shen Qin Korea yue: & other; “What & middot; in addition to the throat” motto: & lsquo; This collector indicates and don’t choose, XiChe ding yue, salted out for collectors. & rsquo; Throughout the &; “Xiking fu” : & other; Build XiChe, jiao tree. Throughout the &; “General standard & middot; le six” : & other; Dance round the ci-poetry, play the wheel of the cover today. Throughout the &; “Our five hundred and sixty-six liang emperor code to: & other; Acrobatics in the qin and han dynasties, XiChe see Mr Li “optimistic”. Throughout the &;

Long travelling expenses of textual research involves literature is more, there are two points worth noting: one is the general standard & middot; six of music “the & in the other Dance round the ci-poetry & throughout; Should be translated into & other; Car, dance skills & throughout; Or & other People dance car & throughout; , & other People danced in the car & throughout; Because here & other; Wheel & throughout; Should be generation refers to the car, & other; Throughout the ci-poetry &; Should be translated into & other; Skills & throughout; Or & other Alma & throughout; (please see the “commonly used in ancient Chinese dictionary”); The second is & other; XiChe & throughout; Should belong to the han dynasty & other; Acrobatics & throughout; One of the. With the modern and contemporary scholars Wang Liqi in “what collation” (tianjin ancient books publishing house in December 1983 the first edition) page 418 for & other; XiChe ding yue, salted out fill collectors throughout the &; & the other; XiChe & throughout; Comments are consistent:

“the biography of wei wan again: & other; For XiChe lang. Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip; Case: this portraits of han dynasty unearthed in linyi in shandong province in the south the acrobatics figure carved stone, XiChe.

will & other; XiChe & throughout; To the han & other; Acrobatics & throughout; And the early yuan dynasty period, one of the famous historian, ma tuan-lin, its writing his “literature (first edition) in September 1986 by zhonghua book company vol one hundred and forty, in the han dynasty’s & other; Spread joy acrobatics & throughout; Also has a relatively comprehensive description, including documented & other; XiChe & throughout; The miscellaneous drama:

the miscellaneous drama built in the qin and han dynasties, there are fish dragon spread beast to play (false) in high e ? ? feng huang, rest five eucalyptus, Lou ((now the edge of rod), pill sword, XiChe, cars, and ray, with hanging belly, swallowing knives, shoe line, spitting fire, white water stone, rinse the fog carry tripods, like a person, monster, who play, if not for this

according to Long travelling expenses, talking, Wang Liqi ma tuan-lin scholars such as books, & other; XiChe & throughout; When han dynasty & other; Acrobatics & throughout; There is no doubt, is and & other Swallowing knives & throughout; , & other Spitting fire & throughout; The same kind of & other; Miscellaneous drama & throughout; . This, in turn, with the example of & other; Acrobatics & throughout; Consistent comments:

the floorboard of the ancient dance acrobatics & hellip; & hellip; Its contents include a variety of acrobatics (such as carry tripods, search (, swallowing knives, spitting fire, etc.) & hellip; & hellip; When the emperor is very popular.

Comprehensive above knowable,

in the han dynasty & other; XiChe & throughout; Should belong to & other; Miscellaneous drama & throughout; Performing acrobatics, namely in the car. So, & other; XiChe & throughout; Should not be translated into & other; Driving & throughout; , & other The driver & throughout; Or & other Play car & throughout; . & other; Wan XiChe as lang & throughout; Should be translated into & other; Who wan by performing acrobatics in the car and made the emperor’s retinue officer & throughout; Is preferred.

actually, & other; XiChe & throughout; There is another meaning, refers to the vehicle for performing acrobatics. Consummation: such as clothing & other; Its can help XiChe also. Throughout the &; Ban gu’s “han & middot; DongFangShuoChuan” : & other; Set XiChe, teach ChiZhu, act the role of literary grace, Jane blame; Drums of thunder crashed mangoku clock,; For outside, zheng female. So much for her. Throughout the &; Zhang heng “xiking fu” : & other; He built XiChe, jiao tree. 侲 TongCheng materials, the flip up and down, sudden and with Gua down shots, Pi meteorite and multiple series. The best horse with a bridle, better foot and chi. (at the end of the ci-poetry, state “. Throughout the &;

it is worth mentioning that since the 1980 s, henan new item XiChe discovered and excavated in some of the han dynasty brick, including & other; Inclined cable XiChe figure brick & throughout; , & other Flat cable XiChe motor travel brick & throughout; , & other Double cable XiChe figure brick & throughout; Are identified as the national level cultural relics. & other; Flat cable XiChe motor travel brick & throughout; Also collected by national museum of China. Some of these personnel acrobatics on the brick pole climbing up, some squatting on the rod, some hangs suspended, or skip like fly & hellip; & hellip; Give a person the sense with vivid, be vividly portrayed. These XiChe brick is & other; In the car performing acrobatics & throughout; The translation of this proof, at the same time, reflects China’s han dynasty acrobatic art superb achievement.