Han han: learn to pursuit in the compromise with the world from a distance

China began to harvest 80 s & ndash; & ndash; After 80 youth to society, a society must listen. This is the change of The Times, is also the first-generation sequence of life. Han han is the generation of an iconic figure. It may be necessary to first assumption, there must be something more rich than han and sharp repressed or hide, but, even if all these factors into consideration, you always embarrassed to say, this era of thought and culture, with its ferment resources provided by the reality of the match. Yes, this is a barren era, the fields of thought not much can be harvested. And han han is in this context of & other; Young pioneers & throughout; .

New Year’s eve in 2012, han han consecutive 3 article, expressing his to the current Chinese society is the most important three problems & ndash; & ndash; Revolution, democracy, freedom & ndash; & ndash; Attitude. This somewhat accidentally, because people have been thinking about these problems, may not feel normal discussion atmosphere, already talk about or talk about. Han as suffering from attention public figure, directly carry them thinking. In fact, han han and did the right thing. The following response is quite natural: because the attraction of the problem itself, but because of the han views on three questions, and showed the attitude.

han’s view and attitude on him the importance of the individual, equivalent to the interface of redrawing thought for him. But he did not contribute new insights to the society, he is popular in the network on the significance of the use of these three words, and according to the reality of his judgment, inference to implement the three words of the sand table. After his performance, is a 80 sunshine youth’s directness and intuition. He did not consider the intellectuals in the 80’s reflections on the pain of these problems remaining in the results. If han han declared him with such attitude & other Mature & throughout; If, after 80 & other; Young pioneers & throughout; On the ceiling at this altitude, a generation of intellectuals inevitably disappointed. Xue Chong and Wang Xiaoyu have analysis, li chengpeng, quickly wrote his with han’s & other; Different opinions & throughout; . At the same time, before him & other; Scold for knowledge & throughout; One, began to embrace him, said & other; Comrade han & throughout; .

but han han is strong-minded. Watch for two weeks, on January 8, he published an article on the inventory in 2011. The more directly the sigh of repentance, to & other; Relentless self-criticism & throughout; And to draw boundaries in the past. He said he once & other; Care & throughout; , & other; Don’t even consciously cater to & throughout; Get him to criticize society & other; Praise & throughout; . And he said, & other; By 2010, I do a lot of criticism are guilty of inference and variant stereotype & ndash; & ndash; System is bad, government corruption, tragedy, the poor people. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; This in addition to my past rebel rebel, murphy also means that he will refuse his past in such a dishonest attitude and the logic of writing to gain social identity?

so, later han will write what, how to write? He said: & other; I think, a good writer at the time of slaughter and powerful, should also be killing people. Throughout the &; Now we can only from these feats to guess the words. In the present context, han han is also quite serious: these words & other; From the reality of extreme idealists and extreme autocratic dictator on the quality of reality is not necessarily on the contrary, even similar, just held aloft by their respective different flags. You won’t will not become the person who had the most make you sick. Throughout the &; So, han han is walking & other; Realistic idealism & throughout; The route?

of course, the real transformation, also can only be proved by his future works, declaration, after all, also only then also. Now can only say that this attitude is his & other; Three articles & throughout; The continuation of, or is a response to public criticism. This response is for Mr Wang Xiaoyu evaluation, & other; Directly on his head, shifting and criticism huaguo mountain brothers are not mature. Throughout the &; Next, with & other; Three articles & throughout; After the reaction is the same, once upon a time people despise him, more warmly praised his farewell & other; Known throughout the &; And welcome him & other; Return & throughout; .

in youth experience so far, han every step, have become a social issue, and set off the embarrassment of The Times. More than a decade ago, just as a legally capable young, his rebellious behavior to the Chinese education and examination system is a slap in the face. If the university & other; Normal & throughout; , none of the enthusiastic upward ymca not yearning. Secondary school education, however, have get han bored. He refused to the college entrance examination. But also the university entrance exam turned him down.

a middle school student with his childish writing raps society, fortunately, also out of dissatisfaction with education, society is to meet him. In peace age, so smart young, left the school so early, equivalent to say, the state and society all owe him. But, after all, society began to diversity, the car is a symbol of the liberation of the youth, there is more freedom and sunshine. He grew up on the runway. Several years later, he became the face of contemporary youth, including consumer fashions, let advertisers. Behind him to squeeze into the university of children, have become his fans, he had to go to the university, is a topic of infectious, college students is also a hit TV and network video.

han’s growth path with the past scholar. He didn’t recognize that for the traditional system. In three or four years ago, he inadvertently in a word, will be full of challenge to cultural celebrities and even speak. He often is the children tell the emperor wearing nothing. This image can’t cute. Society in calling upon this role, han han.

the following situation, now, it seems, han perhaps don’t admit, but others pay attention to his people would say: by 2008, he gradually & other; Mature & throughout; . He formed their own opinions, current affairs and sharp and clever irony. If a teenager, his rebellion against the pale of The Times, now, his criticism is pointing in the direction of the corruption of the society. At this time, his popularity to overflow the scope of his contemporaries, become & other; Known throughout the &; .

the current event is the largest pain in time. To the han as the famous commentators, reputation as a novelist but not mentioned. Popular among the youth in 1988, more than a generation of critics but silence. In the current review, han han has published a number of novel. He as a writer’s growth trajectory in the here. Can seem authentic critics are more shy about to comment on his novels, only publishers to keen eye aware of his influence in teenagers. There is no reason to doubt that han han is a good novelist, just as the transformation of thought, his literature will have what kind of change, also more than a layer of suspense.

The Times of shrinking of han too many gifts. Han han is clever, also benefit from the smart bonuses. For achievement han’s reputation, it is one of the best times. However, for a writer and intellectual growth environment, is not all good. Today, the new generation of writers, including han, it is easy to star. Countless honors and interests, is it possible to put a writer to the height of the ground? Is it possible to some extent, bind a writer in another it is necessary to go deep among the masses to find the people & other Writers association & throughout; In? So, the transformation of han han is starting, not only is an expression of his political right, also need to put one foot on the honor rings and interests outside the temptation of efforts.

no clever can transcend time. Turn back time for nearly eighty years, ba jin han age. Ba jin is from school to society, he wrote on the submission for the media criticism of current affairs, smaller than han, with their teen is intuitive, enthusiasm and ideal, its sharp does not lose in the han in the essay. In today’s han age, ba jin “have already completed the work so far. Before the arrival of new China, ba jin thoughts had & other; Transformation & throughout; So early, but not like a han & other; The big end & throughout; . And ba jin is just one of the literature of the era, the stars, han han is seems to lonely in the youth today. Today’s passion and ideals, how can so easily go?