Handsome boy Yang SAO: and bing xin and Lin huiyin fujian source of new poetry

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Yang SAO in Japan in the 20 s to study abroad.

to nearly half a month, a literary creation road of Yang SAO stays with me, no matter before bed or on the bus, university press in December 1993, the monographs, by Mr Yang northwest Ed, focused in November 1992 in zhangzhou teachers college & other; Yang SAO seminar & throughout; Research, is of Yang SAO in the history of Chinese modern literature creations in a relatively comprehensive combing and parsing. I read Yang SAO, because he is a big part of our zhangzhou provided to the pride of the Chinese modern literature, one of the three people (the other two to Lin yutang and xu dishan), and the only Yang SAO as a poet of the world, he and bing xin, Lin huiyin two beautiful women, together constitute the source of the fujian poetry in one hundred.

Yang Weiquan

Yang SAO, original name, was born on January 19, 1900 in zhangzhou, fujian province, the one born in the year of the woman writer bing xin, she was called Xie Wanying. Sometimes I think, if like bing xin Yang SAO live to be 1999, which will be his reputation and influence how a state? But the fact is, died in 1957, Yang SAO ren, vice President of guangzhou writers association. When I take the name of Yang SAO asked I know Ricky cheung, Zhao Siyun, xiao-feng luo, professor, doctor, said they knew the name of Yang SAO, but the work is not very understanding, for he is zhangzhou is unclear, which constitute the second reason I write a article. As a poet, I think I have the responsibility to let my friends know Chinese modern literature history of Yang SAO is our zhangzhou. I remember meeting in September 2008, I go to the henan xingyang learned that li shangyin and liu yuxi is xingyang inner astonishment, that moment I to pay homage to xingyang much a few minutes, this is the power of culture. Time can change a place of city style and the economic structure of the prosperous or broken, or flourish, or failure, is the only can’t change the humanity quality of one place for it for a long time. Zhangzhou remote and organizational system later (tang wu zetian period by open get SAN wang Chen yuanguang organizational system), compared with the huanghe river is a civilized late, cultural resources are more scarce, therefore in zhangzhou of Yang SAO you so more show precious and is of great significance.

Yang SAO department in university of compulsory teaching material “abridged editions of contemporary Chinese literature” (people’s literature publishing house, Tang Tao editor) on page 371 was formulated as follows: the Chinese poetry slam is & other; Leftist writers & throughout; Led by a mass of poetry group, the originator has mu mu-tian, Yang SAO, Ren Jun (has been), PuFeng, etc. The book page 374 and with more extensive space works written by Yang SAO and its artistic style. There is no doubt that Yang SAO has become in the history of Chinese modern literature & other; This one & throughout; .


most writers and modern literature history, Yang SAO has a can accept education of childhood, when he was at the age of dissatisfaction, kuang made a comparatively rich uncle adopted son, adoptive father is a reader, hobby reading, has the wind of celebrities, Yang SAO was affected, like landscape, search sites, for his hometown of local conditions and customs, folklore is also very interested. After graduating from primary school, Yang SAO in fujian second normal prep, moved to fujian province after the eighth middle school. After graduating from high school in 1918, Yang SAO to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan, the original ambition is to learn the navy, prepare learn homecoming, led the fleet against the invaders, but can’t get into the Japanese navy school. He went up to study mining to & other; Mining saving & throughout; , but for two years, is still not the ideal school, poor health and financially, made him very sad. In 1921, Yang SAO was admitted to the expense of higher normal in Tokyo, started reading progress magazines such as “new youth”, inspired by new ideas, assignments poetry, sent to Shanghai after supplement “consciousness” of the republic of China Daily to get published, took to the road of the literature. (see zhuo as article)

there is a living style of the era of an era and the growth pattern, the life of Yang SAO context and the human life at that time many literary context, to study their childhood in the village, young people study abroad, there are mainly two orientation: Japan or Europe and the United States), while studying determine life ambition, this aspiration generally associated with saving the survive. Academic circles positioning the May 4th movement in 1919 to 1919 between the founding of the people of this period of history for the Chinese modern history, a short span of 30 years China has experienced the qing dynasty perish, the Anti-Japanese War, civil war and other major historical events, modern Chinese history brings out the & other ChengTou fluctuates throughout the king flag &; (language) sneaky and agitate, like in the spring and autumn and the three countries, the era of unrest and upheaval is the hero and VIP driving power, star-studded situation in the modern literary history, has its origin. Early Yang SAO, the tone of creation as depressed, sad, disillusionment and nothing, it seems to have be educated youth started must: loss of youth, short, life is sad and clew clue, make Yang SAO in fantasy & other; Powder and meat, shrimps, alcohol & throughout; In the escape, kill time, but the heart of ideal, after all, not completely extinguished after Singapore to make a living of exercise, in late 1927, Yang SAO to return home, garret up writing life in Shanghai. On March 2, 1930, lu xun as the standard-bearer of the Chinese left-wing writers alliance was established in Shanghai, lu xun at the meeting entitled “to the league of left-wing writers opinion” speech, emphasizes the revolutionary writers must contact the actual social struggle. At this time of Yang SAO to the social functions of poetry has a new understanding, in the emotional flood & ndash; & ndash; & lt; & gt; in my hometown of substance and other “proposed in this paper, the class struggle and national struggle intensified situation, & other; Have no all the poets and then hiding in the ivory tower to drink dream ink & throughout; , the establishment of the leftist writers find a direction to Yang SAO, his positive response and leftist writers poetry group mu mu-tian, fort (at all), PuFeng, sponsored by the Chinese poetry slam Bai Shu, du talk, in the official organ poetry slam “new poetry” in China, has been clear about the & other; Research theory of poetry, poetry works, introduction and working on poetry popularization & throughout; Target, it is in this goal guidance, Yang SAO wrote epic poem “the remote village” and “three sing in fujian”, etc. In this period of classic masterpiece.