“Hangzhou first beauty” experience two wedding For dai abortion (FIG.)

【 Wang Yingxia 】

life legend: in the years of the republic of China, in the modern history of literature, Wang Yingxia are well-known. She and the story of yu dafu, has always been considered & other; The modern history of literature’s most famous affair & throughout; One of the. Wang Yingxia was & other; Throughout the first beauty &; Reputation, send her & other people; Water chestnut white & throughout; Allow to describe her striking beauty. Love story: Wang Yingxia hit twice in the marriage life, married at the beginning of yu dafu, remarry Zhong Xian way. In outside of marriage, she also with & other; Agents throughout the king &; Had a secret affair.

1928 Wang Yingxia and yu dafu wedding, beauties, a move the city. That year, she was 20 years old, yu dafu 32 years old. At that time, yu dafu LiuYaZi give poetry, among them & other On the river god XianLv & throughout; A universal appeal. In 1940, two people divorce. In 1942, when Wang Yingxia and long QingHua China aviation industry bureau manager Zhong Xian tie the knot. Wedding is extremely ostentation and extravagance, wang ying, hu, jinshan these big star also went to the party at that time. Mountain city chongqing sensation, has a saying: & other; Zhong Xian turn off a big beauty! Throughout the &;

first marriage beauties sweet life 5 years

Wang Yingxia was born in hangzhou in 1908, his father Jin Bingxun died early, she lives with his mother and grandfather & ndash; & ndash; Hangzhou Wang Erna home to celebrities, and their mother’s surname. She followed the grandfather study, laying a solid foundation. In 1923 and was admitted to the women’s normal school in zhejiang province.

hangzhou NvShi mahoganypanelled splendour, Wang Yingxia is one of the best. Her conduct and learning is optimal, outstanding appearance and in NvShi fame. Student Wang Yingxia love literature, literary man of the hour is attention, and is very dumping the yu dafu’s literary talent.

in 1917, yu dafu mothering, who had returned from Japan, 21, to serve the daughter of mother life and squire large Sun Xiaozhen Sun Lanpo engagement. Yu dafu is Sun Lanpo renamed after Sun Quan. Since then, he had have relationship with prostitutes in anqing haitang, silver talks in Beijing with a prostitute has frequent contacts. Until met Wang Yingxia, yu dafu prodigal son in love.

yu dafu and Wang Yingxia met in a very accidental opportunity, that was in 1927, yu dafu, 31, Wang Yingxia is only 19 years old. Encounter Wang Yingxia, yu dafu love at first sight, Wang Yingxia also struggled to yield to the great writer of his worship, hence two people staged the modern literary world a vigorous love legend.

in April 1928, Mrs Yu dafu nominal Sun Quan with yu old lady still bitter guard best sorrow; And yu dafu will embrace get beauty return.

yu dafu to Wang Yingxia grand wedding. Wang Yingxia be lost in the thick of love honey to dispute. Wang Yingxia after marriage in addition to doing their best to build a love nest, together with yu dafu try to put the way her husband consumption become nourished them. Yu dafu also with & other; Diary nine & throughout; In the form of his love for Wang Yingxia in the press, make people know that he has a good and virtuous, intelligent, and beautiful wife. When their first son was born, the couple more conjugal love, a sweet life for five years.

yu dafu failed to give Wang Yingxia formal birthright

in 1933, yu dafu couple moved from Shanghai to hangzhou, built a & other; Wind and rain thatched cottage & throughout; To live down. After moved to hangzhou, two people and the society at that time a lot of exchanges, very pleased to make celebrities Wang Yingxia has thus become a star.

Wang Yingxia beauty makes people alike. According to in those days had been & other; Wind and rain thatched cottage & throughout; Japanese historian increase well by his memories: & other; (Wang Yingxia) beautiful like a movie star, leave deep impression to me. She in hangzhou is the star of society at that time, and her seat to the identity of the owner to propose a toast to me again and again, said & lsquo; Mr Wells, cheers! & rsquo; They drink dry glass back to look for me, it is used to the appearance of social intercourse. Throughout the &;

as a new woman Wang Yingxia very mind birthright, from the beginning she hopes yu dafu and Sun Quan remarry after divorce, but yu dafu procrastination makes her the wish failed to achieve. In 1932, yu dafu hangzhou for illness inscribed Wang Yingxia of an oblique “, hangzhou south peak is intentionally or unintentionally Wang Yingxia as & other; Throughout my woman &; .

then something happened, make Wang Yingxia concubine woman identity is & other; Name to real return & throughout; Blue: a mother’s seventieth birthday, yu dafu took Wang Yingxia back to my hometown fuyang send greetings. ShouTang yu’s mother high before, was scheduled by each in turn with the worship of husband and wife, yu mother temporary changed his mind again, instead male to male, female to female, from house to house offer birthday felicitations in turn. Yu dafu three brothers, and he did that three. Little daughter-in-law offer birthday felicitations turn, Wang Yingxia just to come forward to bow down, Sun Quan looked at from the left side of the insert briskly, rob before Wang Yingxia worship toward her mother-in-law. Yu mother saw little daughter-in-law Sun Quan worship, rose from his seat, to show his offer birthday felicitations end.

give yu dafu’s poetry and depressive mother and Sun Quan attitude are clearly illustrate the yu family Wang Yingxia is & other; Concubines & throughout; , this is Wang Yingxia intolerable. Idea disparity on the distance, age, personality differences, yu dafu and Wang Yingxia between diaphragm thicker, forced Wang Yingxia grandpa to let yu dafu wrote & other; Guarantee & throughout; And & other The copyright to book & throughout; Give Wang Yingxia. Yu dafu think Wang Yingxia money, material more than anything, is a not to take off all worldly woman, so & other; Disillusionment sadness & throughout; Come to mind. Since then, two misunderstandings and cracks bigger and bigger.

later, yu dafu was found in the home, director of education department of zhejiang Xu Shaodi to Wang Yingxia love letter, and found that dai li had an affair with Wang Yingxia also, husband and wife so quarreled.