Hangzhou recommended 16 strange word no knowledge experts say like a bird of the warring states period

16 words confused on the pot body 32 years old qin

a person old qin fun, no longer enjoying the teapot. Purple or copper iron tin pot, he can tell a way way, true and false, s, style, artisan work characteristic, but not about the price. Be a baffled his 32 years ago to buy recommended him & ndash; & ndash; Until now, he still couldn’t figure out who is the one pot, made in where. 16 words on the pot body not only Mr Chin up, is more like a sealed book puzzled he consulted a dozen of antique experts players, the collection association.

bought a pot of 32 years ago, the words on the pot body like a riddle, trouble than a dozen experts

are recommended, 16 words & other; A sealed book & throughout; For deciphering

chrysanthemum old qin, qin Lin, 59 years old this year, this pot is spend 20 dollars in 1980, he bought on yue wang flower-and-bird market stalls, this is a large amount of money at that time. & other; At that time the largest denomination is 10 yuan, if take this buy pot of 20 yuan for flour, a adults carry motionless. Throughout the &; Say it’s a pot of, in fact is not complete, pot body appearance in good condition, the lid is after the match, there are obvious difference on colour and lustre.

just got home are recommended, old qin transverse vertical brush one should make the tea, he felt that the recommended brewed tea more fragrant, taste better. Touch to have a drink a pot of tea to rectified, until one day a friend asked him tea & ndash; & ndash; What’s the meaning of the words on the pot body?

the old qin to take a closer look at scared & ndash; & ndash; In the 16 words he didn’t know!

invert Fang Zhong type on the whole, this pot pot body side has 16 is very much like the modelling of text odd square & other; Symbol & throughout; , the bottom of the pot of the size of a rubber chapter parties, is a word or symbol also let a person can’t figure out.

the old qin began to read data, consult history teacher, he even dedicated to violet arenaceous factory to find the origin of the square pot & ndash; & ndash; But no one can give an answer. Later he decided to start his study: he bought in April 1998, the Shanghai bookstore publishing house “the grass is transferred to integrate body dictionary, xinhua bookstore bought in May 1986 issue of the calligraphy dictionary, but until the dictionary is turned into an antique, he still can’t recognize one of 16 words.

& other; As long as someone on textual research articles published I went to see, as long as we have recommended I have to go to the show. Throughout the &; 32 years old qin at the exhibition will go to Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities. The dictionary, to the copybook, also to ask knowledgeable cultural relics market. Checked the information more than 200000 words, and I don’t seen in a pot of one thousand, but the word is still like a mystery.

in others might give up early. Can’t old qin.

he began to seek a higher level of expert advice, xileng printing society, provincial association of collection, and zhejiang university professor specializing in text & ndash; & ndash; He said before and after looking for no less than 15 experts. The circuit also really fruitful & ndash; & ndash; We preliminary judgment are recommended in the early years of the republic of China in the late qing dynasty. Determine the nature is an old pot is good news, but the old qin’s attention, about the strange words there is no answer: some said these words like a bird lines of the warring states period, some said the time is the spring and autumn period and the warring states period.

the old qin is very persistent, he said he was 59 years old this year, next year retired at age 60, life after many friends and pot of tea to meet friends, you will still be curious, 16 words on the pot body exactly is what meaning, how to answer? Old qin said with a smile, as long as the thought of this problem I blush. Mystery not solve one day, the in the mind is not a decline.

readers, the 16 words do you know? If you have any idea and clue, please contact our hotline 96068. Let us try to help the old qin together to solve this mystery.

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