Harry potter end generation youth j. k. rowling’s legendary life emerged

harry & middot; Potter and the deathly hallows [British] J· K· People’s literature publishing house in October 2007 the j.k. rowling

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as “& middot; harry potter and the deathly hallows (under) the release of this summer, the shooting over a period of ten years, eight, four easy director series movie finally came to a close, also marks the & middot; harry potter classic fantasy as the dust settles. Until June 2011, harry & middot; potter has sold 450 million copies, translated into 67 languages, the brand value of $15 billion.

“& middot; harry potter” author J· K· Rowling’s own story is amazing. She was born in 1965, six years, and he have a passion for writing. In 1990, she take the train from Manchester to London on the way, a character image emerge in my mind, this is a dark-haired young boy, wearing a pair of big glasses. This image made her excited. , JKR’s mother died, she can deeply realize the orphans of the pain of the mind, and she decided to write. But when the power of writing and insufficient.

in October 1992, she married a Portuguese, a year after the lightning separation, gave birth to a daughter. She became a single mother, rely on government relief for a living, and was diagnosed with depression, hit a low of life. At this point, the only way to save her was writing. Rowling’s speech at Harvard University in 2008, to disclose the period of feeling in life: & other; Failure meant a sweep does not matter. I stop pretending, return to nature, to gather energy, finish important work for me. Fear has been released, I am free, I’m alive, I have a daughter, there is an old typewriter and a big idea. Let me from the beginning to build my life down to the bottom. Throughout the &;

how much is true, rowling said quite dubious. People always use simple causality to explain life, success, any opinion things went in the direction of self-help guide. Perhaps, rowling’s life choices is blind at that time, idle is idle, writing just like Internet brush weibo now, pass the time.

in 1995, “& middot; harry potter and the philosopher’s stone manuscripts, after being shut out of 12 press, Bloomsbury publishing house bought it, but only 1500 pounds the payment in advance, this money is not enough to support his family, agent suggest that rowling go out to get a job and household in 1997, the Scottish arts association sponsored her 8000 pounds. She often took his daughter to the cafe to write a book, because in there, baby to sleep quickly.

is one of rowling’s fortunes in 1998 years, her first auction, the copyright in the United States received a $105000 reward, she said at the time excitement & other; Almost die & throughout; . Since then, she at a speed of 1 ~ 2 years in a publication, and the publishing time are selected in June and July, when the school holidays.

harry & middot; Potter to later that more and more dark tone, I remember the Vatican had issue a warning. Rowling told the world that actually I write is not for children’s literature, the elder sister to write of is death. She is on everything from mentioning death, because death is a kind of can’t change things. No one in the long story of magic in the resurrection, rowling never tries to give a person with illusion. Even if is the resurrection stone awaken the dead is not happy, finally to return to the grave.

“& middot; harry potter on the film’s success is extraordinary, it have been warner bros. bought the film rights that rowling attach strict conditions, for example, must be all in British actor. She firmly control all movie script, not adapted disorderly change, she also served as the last two producers. If not made into a film, the novel’s popularity and influence will be discounted. People just watched as harry & middot; Potter, RON, hermione, small actor appearance change, realized the passage of time.

“& middot; harry potter” finale is not perfect, make people understand what a generation in the past, a generation comes, but the scene here in this world forever. Awoke youth, the dream has been ten years, people are looking for the next step of work, looking for a new beacon to witness the passing years.