Harry potter’s invisibility cloak differences developed light manufacturing time gap?

6 comprehensive foreign media reports, according to the latest issue of scientific research, published in the journal nature, researchers in a laboratory manipulation of the beam to go forward, create a 50 picoseconds (picosecond) & other; The time gap & throughout; At this moment & other objects, let; Contact & throughout; , in fact, the human eye cannot perceive the result of some light.

principle: difference of the speed of light manufacturing time gap

in the magical novel “harry potter” can let a person hood can be a cloak of invisibility. Now, the department of defense support physicist, said they have developed & other; Throughout time cloak &; , can let the object & other; Contact & throughout; . This technology will help to develop a new generation of data encryption technology in the future.

researchers at Cornell university in New York is mainly based on & other; Different frequencies of light have different speed & throughout; This fact. They let a bunch of green light through the optical fiber, and then through a two-way mirror, the green light into faster blu-ray and slower the red light. Then, the researchers had two beams of light through a transparent obstacles, in order to increase their speed difference, creating a picosecond 50 (1 picosecond equal to 1000000000000th of 1 second) time difference, the researchers will be a bunch of different frequency of laser beam & other; Squeeze into & throughout; This & other; The time gap & throughout; .

purpose: to strengthen the safety of the optical fiber communication

after the researchers reverse operation, let the blue and red one. When the researchers to detect the beams, the original is squeezed into & other; The time gap & throughout; The laser beam is missing. Optical engineer at the university of rochester, New York Boyd, such as optical experts in the comments, compared the experiment to & other; When the busy traffic through train communication & throughout; In the case.

in road and railway level crossing, when the train arrives, will stop, it will be caused in traffic & other; Blank & throughout; Range. Stop, after train by car will accelerate, until after the front traffic, and there’s anything wrong with the viewer will not detect traffic situation, as if never by train.

time cloak potential USES include strengthen the security of optical fiber communication, because it can cut off the light signal, and make them in different speed, finally back together. The mistake can make data are difficult to be blocked. IfengLogo ZongXin