Harvard professor to 33000 years ago human cloning is seeking female surrogate

scientists the neanderthals.

according to the China Daily reported in 1856, archaeologists discovered for the first time the neander valley in Germany neanderthals, research on that has not been interrupted ever since. According to England “daily mail” reported on January 20, harvard medical school in genetics professor George & middot; Before cutting, a team led by has been basically completed the Neanderthal genetic code decoding work, is currently looking for a & other; Brave women & throughout; For a surrogate, he firmly believed that he could use cloning raised as early as 33000 years ago the extinct Neanderthal man.

cut, 58, is a pioneer in the field of genetic biology professor. In the 1980 s, he participated in the & other; Throughout the human genome project &; , drawing out of the human genome. Neanderthals, he argues, is actually a highly intelligent race, & other; Their head relative to the modern people more, so they are likely to be smarter than us. Throughout the &;

in the movie “Jurassic park”, the DNA in human through amber, cloned dinosaurs. Cutting said: & other; Has been basically completed the Neanderthal genetic code decoding work, we will based on the code constructs the Neanderthal DNA, then the DNA into the stem cells. Next to contain a Neanderthal genetic information stem cells implanted into the human embryonic cells. Delivery of baby and finally a surrogate mother will be a Neanderthal man. Throughout the &;

but cut dare to surrogate clone neanderthals says women are rare. & other; We are trying to find an adventurous woman. We have a series of advanced technologies have to clone of neanderthals into reality. Throughout the &;

many experts agree that cloning is technically feasible, but in ethics, human cloning is immoral.