He legacy case before the court mediation breakdown of Peking University says not to mention compensation JiCheng

JiCheng attorney, show the case materials to the reporter. Our correspondent Sun Siya taken

Chinese master Mr He died three years, but its legacy outstanding. For Mr Ji valuable precious heritage of ownership, he’s only son JiCheng and took to the court of Beijing university. Yesterday, the 77 – year – old JiCheng said the courts have on the case before the court mediation, court of Beijing university was put forward, in the form of money compensation JiCheng to solve the long-standing dispute, but later denied. For JiCheng aspect, the north’s lawyer zhang dong, said the north was not money compensation, as for the specific things he is not convenient to disclose.

interrogation 1

JiCheng & other; Dew money & throughout;

heritage how much

on July 11, 2009, Chinese master Mr Ji, died in April 2010, ji’s ashes buried in shandong linqing their hometown. However, in the Chinese master after the grave, his legacy disputes have emerged.

it is well known that Mr He had loved to collect, but his collection of books, calligraphy and painting, such as value of heritage and how many? To these questions, he’s only son JiCheng gives the answer.

about father’s legacy, JiCheng said, according to his father’s main legacy for calligraphy and painting in the Ming and qing dynasties, the ancient books, Buddha statues, jade and so on. If according to the current market value calculation, the heritage value at least hundreds of millions of dollars.

according to JiCheng, Mr Ji’s heritage is mainly divided into four parts.

the first part and second part is given priority to with ancient books and calligraphy and painting. Now temporarily stored in shandong linqing and shaanxi ji ji memorial institute of countries. Purely in terms of the number of relics of the two parts number, more than the current number of calligraphy and painting and temporary custody by Beijing university. JiCheng speaking, in the memorial and the ownership of the academy’s collection, belongs to himself and his nephew, the collection is only a temporary send existing two exhibition not to donate.

the third part of the old legacy, is on November 12, 2011, 2011 of Chinese autumn auction & other; Mr Ji special collection & throughout; Number of books, books as many as 165 species, thousands of copies.

in the fourth part is for the moment, the preservation of calligraphy and painting in Beijing university. According to the JiCheng the contents of the indictment, JiCheng sued to the court ordered the original return the old relics of Peking University, calligraphy and painting, a total of 577 pieces. JiCheng speaking, although the small number of cultural relics, north custody but Mr Ji was the most valuable collections. Including Mr Ji’s favorite su dongpo “imperial book of praise”, 38 classes of cultural relics. This part of the north keeping value in 100 million yuan.

interrogation 2

father and son not meet

why 13 years

it is well known that Mr JiCheng he with his father had 13 years not see things, but why JiCheng instead of laying a year his father before his death, and now stand up and ask for his father to the north of precious relics?

the first secretary of old son li xiaojun, had close contact with Mr Ji, he told reporters he saw, listen to father said he and his son entanglements.

according to li xiaojun said he heard from her father, Mr Ji in 1929, and de-hua peng married, but two people is the life of their parents, their arranged arranged marriage.

in 1935, was born JiCheng, formerly known as JiYanZong, JiCheng season has an older sister wan as above. Mr Li xiaojun, recalls JiCheng was born, he just people in Germany, this one is 11 years. Stay home, meet JiCheng like strangers, Mr Ji after entering, touched the JiCheng head, and then go to wash their hands. It can well explain, when Mr Ji and the relationship between JiCheng is very weak. JiCheng childhood rarely get father’s teachings, father-son relationship has always been cool, at the end of 1994 and his father interrupt.