Heat transfer on the net the steak tips: coat don’t pen can be an expert: unreliable

weibo: the steak tips near runescape

12, & other; Shanghai iron p release & throughout; Release the steak tips, from the perspective of passengers itself, tell passengers how to prevent it and many people pay close attention to the message.

the steak tips are divided into three pieces, the first warning passengers insists on the road & other; 5 don’t & throughout; : don’t be greedy, don’t careless, not wealth, don’t show, don’t be timid. The second enumerates the bus within the steak skills, such as package on his chest, best best mobile phone in hand, cash to carry, etc. Grilled the common-sense prevention technique is a cliche.

interesting is the third piece of content of posts, with pretty & other; Professional & throughout; Tone lists eight is grilled fresh prevention techniques. Mentioned in the post, the jacket pocket money, can be a pen on the mouth don’t again, if you meet a thief, don’t say the thief in the clip wallet will have certain resistance, has certain elasticity sends out the cap cap clip, remind passengers, similarly, passengers can install thorn MAO buckles in the pocket, in kaifeng mouth emits a noise, or is in the bag with the inner fixed a chain of alligator clip, usually use it to grip the proper positions of the purse, loosen the can, when taking or small secretly wallet will pull the bag.

ms for common bag, blog entry to electromechanical & other shops to buy 1.5 mm thick; Vulcanized fiber & throughout; , vulcanized paper cut into shell size, soften the bending after blanching on package, in this way, the thief in the hands of the blade is worthless. In the steak, kraft paper, and a large, will the kraft paper envelope with our cash according to the width of the shirt pocket fold, slightly longer in length, with kraft paper, hardness and elasticity, kraft paper envelopes when fit into a pocket must be open, and more than the width of the pocket the length of the envelope, the envelope will be caught his pockets.

experts: the steak prevention means more unreliable

so these skills is effective? Bus city public security bureau of public security bureau Interpol battalion officer working on an 20 years of zhao said, some of these tips operability is not strong, even less than what the effect of guard against theft. & other; About the steak, no matter use what means, the most important thing is that the citizens to alert, or what means are useless. Throughout the &; Zhao said the police officer. Later, zhao officer according to these so-called grilled prevention tips to conducted a detailed analysis and improvement.

the steak tips & middot; Type a: pen of second career, alligator clip


in coat pockets in the money don’t again after a pen, can have the effect of the steak, a thief caught the wallet when there will be resistance, will be hard. In addition, use of clamp of a crocodile purse, also can guard against theft.

judgment: unreliable.

analysis: first of all, don’t a pen on the resistance is limited, always hand movements are very light, it is difficult to have the effect of early warning, in addition, some of the thieves are used to cut pocket theft way, don’t contact with you as an indicator of the pen, you money and you already have been stolen, so the prevention of interoperability is not big. In the same way, using the so-called alligator clip is also difficult to cut pocket to prevent theft.

improvement: mobile phone can be in your hands, but it is important to pay special attention to, some thieves will find the bus stop when passengers thought lax, laid a hand on him, and then take phone ran, two days before we just processed a thief.

the steak tips & middot; Type 2: zipper prevent steak


pocket with zipper on the inside of the clothes, the thief clip wallet when it comes to more difficult.

judgment: unreliable.

analysis: this way also can’t stop the thief to steal the cut pocket, and some ladies on the bus, all like some big carrying bag, and they put the zipper head toward the front, thought that the thief can’t open the zipper, actually in the theft case, we deal with the thief with tool bag zipper pick to open a small gap, so don’t need to contact zipper head can easily open the bag, stealing things.

improvement: is there a bag lady got on the car should be held the package in your chest, can prevent the bag was a thief, don’t be worn to package, so that can be said to be to the gift to the thief.

the steak tips & middot; Type 3: use of kraft paper, envelopes, bags of umbrella

content: use the kraft paper envelope wrapped in cash, so the thief steal, kraft paper, will be stuck for resilient. In addition to buy a 1.5 mm thick & other Vulcanized fiber & throughout; , can protect the bag was cut package.

: there is a certain useful, but relatively difficult operation.

analysis: kraft paper, although resilient, but the power of open enough to remind the victim that basic this way there is no way to guard against theft. Use & other; Vulcanized fiber & throughout; Can play a security role, but the thief cut package is random, is likely to cut the side of the package, and may also cut package, as to exactly where the cutting, generally is the thief of personal habits, also, should be determined according to the circumstance of the thief spots to guard against or difficult, and use & other; Vulcanized fiber & throughout; The package has a certain influence.

improvement: people with package or upwards, and if the package put too low, and you are on the steps, located at the lower of the thief is very easy to cut the package, the most important thing is to improve the alert, thieves like to cut bag, when the person is little when there are a lot of people like attack touch pocket before and after the thief. For passengers, the first is to try to stay away from much area, also don’t sleep in the car, or watching outside the window staring blankly, to avoid the thief exploiting the loopholes.