Hebei man keep “10 grandpa four” tomb 84 concerns: who will take over?

his traditionally inheritance is a stranger in a modern professional & ndash; & ndash; ShouLing.

he and his ancestors, from birth to now for 84 years, stubbornly keep in yellow flowers at the foot of the mountain for a lifetime.

his hut in the royal tomb, for many years and an adjunct to the sovereign in the qing dynasty.

he call Liu Fuxin, big emperor mausoleum of the fourteen children allow 禵 finally ShouLing people.

jixian, khar sun township stone village.

mountains around the small village, few people know that in the surrounding villages, but there are as many as six sovereign ling.

the familiar landscape between, actually hides the passage of history.

300 years ago by a manchu report now lie buried in this small mountain village, the villagers in a lot of people are of the current generation, descendants of the ShouLing people, their house was built on the edge of the cemetery, a traditionally kept this & other; The underground palace & throughout; . But with the development of The Times, more and more villagers working out of the village business, stick to the former & other; Duties & throughout; Fewer and fewer people & ndash; & ndash; However, Liu Fuxin also insisted.

all previous dynasties are ShouLing

stone village people were the first to is late or early kangxi emperor shunzhi arrangements to ShouLing army, in the late qing dynasty, although there is no longer strictly military organizational system, but also are good hereditary royal ShouLing.

the jixian county town, the horse bridge, can see the sun area manchu ZiZhi Township street, along the smooth asphalt can to the chrysanthemum stone village at the foot of the mountain. Here with the qing dongling, not far away, belongs to the secondary system of the qing imperial tomb, along with the changing times plus sanguo dynasty of the late qing dynasty, a few catastrophe, down 6 report mausoleum building, monument, at the temple, all became DuanBiTuiYuan, now the floor of the main building as emperor fourteen children frequently roughly county yun3 禵 two gravestones and its children.

has three sons and three daughters Liu Fuxin this small village, the old man still hasn’t left stone camp for him, his task is not over yet, all his life to protect the emperor fourteen children allowed 禵 tomb also didn’t get the attention of the outside, and my own questions to report ling is still not unlock & ndash; & ndash; He has been wondering, two report done Reng is her, but his house guarded by 14 sovereign grave than this two report as well as the firstborn son done 褆 also tall, side also carved with double dragon! The other report to all have no, & other; I don’t understand, you said 14 report with his four elder brother of the emperor fought over the throne, the trot, that ye why also lights, his this anyway? Throughout the &; He hopes to have people to help you solve these doubts, let more and more people know about this history, understand the sovereign ling.

Liu Fuxin old man was born in 1928, the year is warlord sun dianying steal dug characterized with the team, in the second year, six sovereign ling was also & hellip; & hellip; Now, at the temple, the original location or into farmland, or become a cottage, the rest all became DuanBiTuiYuan.

Liu Fuxin said the old man, grandpa four stele, is on the side of the house of his own is fallen behind, and before the old man’s brother fu-quan liu to go to patrol every day turn him now, although the body of this a few years less, but every day or to transfer to a circle around the tomb, otherwise a heart always hanging.

Liu Fuxin once when he was young in the fight for three years, after eight years of a soldier, he chose to return to the land here, he said, the city life is better than the conditions here, children are willing to live in the county, but he DaiGuan here, wherever he goes, his heart is always here, thinking of the mausoleum of the waste, & other; I hesitate to go & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Each time a child to take him into the city, Liu Fuxin just said the five words.

although more land has a grandpa four mausoleum, but the old man felt is not a genuine ShouLing person, in his ideas, like his grandfather holding a man is called ShouLing royal stipends, one of the professional ability, like him at best ShouLing human offspring. Even so, the old man still do our best to protect the report ling, looking at mausoleum is broken, his heart is not taste. Liu Fuxin said, though the mausoleum was only tablet and dungeons, also do not have what to keep, straining and stone is large and heavy, who also can’t move move does not walk, will then open to lay, but he will still be every couple of days to clean up clean up the weeds.

to report the posterity continue ShouLing

Liu Fuxin old man in the simple view of life, always firmly believe that protect report ling, not only can let more people grow in the qing dynasty literature and history knowledge, also can better protect the manchu culture. Sun he area township is the manchu ZiZhi Township, the villagers here are mostly the manchu royal ShouLing people sent by the posterity, now they still keep the manchu customs, for example, over 40 they called mother & other Milk & throughout; , call father & other; Amar & throughout; , my grandmother called & other; Too & throughout; , uncle called & other; Dad & throughout; , daughter-in-law call & other; Bitch & throughout; Etc., & other; But now young people are willing to remember and abide by these few, what all learn foreign. Throughout the &; The old man couldn’t help a sigh.

nine years ago, since the tube department staff to the village after inspection report ling, the villagers began to have the consciousness of protection of cultural relics, know report ling was smashing stone too, baby, now that is unable to repair, then go to great lengths to protect, make report ling no longer suffer from any man-made damage.

4 years ago in a winter night, a CunHu in the yard of a stone was stolen, chasing after, the thieves to discard the stone away. Liu Fuxin said, regardless of day and night we will stay some god bai, found that someone wants to steal straining and stele, a loud shout, the surrounding neighbors were out.

& other; A few lifetime all keep the sovereign ling, I need to finish forefathers responsibility, can try their best in here. Throughout the &;

about eight or nine years ago, from Beijing, Shanghai to the two old people, say ten grandpa four generations, a preacher to find ancestral graves. Since then, every tomb-sweeping day they came to worship ancestors, which makes Liu Fuxin old man filled with touched, & other; Keep for a lifetime, I didn’t know that their lifetime can also see the grandpa four generations, value! Throughout the &; He said he is also a nearly 90 – year – old man, five years ago because of illness after the surgery, not the body, can see grandpa four future generations never forget ancestors, year after year to ancestral graves added to soil, the in the mind particularly comfortable.

in order to facilitate people to sacrifice, after the old man is still in the grandpa four at the entrance to the underground base of 10 a of tombs, the annual qingming festival sacrifice thing in the world is on top of tombs, Liu Fuxin said, also don’t know what can do for them, as long as I can think of to do first.