Hebei potow first the last batch of equipment the racquet is 2.46 million yuan (FIG.)

here during the auctions, bidders in potow match factory to check the equipment. New SheFa DJ Leon remix taken

on September 18, co., LTD. Hebei potow matches the last batch of equipment after 48 rounds of fierce bidding, by cangzhou a enterprise to RMB 2.46 million by means of network auction auction success. After two auction, the Asia’s largest first day formally withdrew from the historical stage. It is understood that this August first auction by the cangzhou city government and the cultural relics department, cangzhou away some of the cultural relics department has the value of cultural relics will be on sale. On September 6, there were 25 companies in the second auction potow, after the auction. The 11 companies took part in the bidding for the third time, through the network auction success. Was founded in 1912 in hebei potow mooring town forever China co., LTD., formerly known as matches co., LTD., for $forty thousand, the then the acting President of the republic of China, silver dollar stake in the company, changed the people rely on & other; Match & throughout; In the history. In 1948 the company became one of the earliest public-private partnerships in shanxi-chahaer-hebei border region and even the whole country, after decades of rapid growth in China and Asia’s largest matches manufacturers.