Hebei province found that the western han dynasty wine workshop site rice chaff vinasse is carbonized

recently, xian county, hebei province town on ling temple village, river city street workers in the western han dynasty ruins HeJian countries of anji road, found a han dynasty wine-making workshop site.

the site is located in the western han dynasty the first generation of HeJian king liu monarch strong princess next to the burial chamber, the north-south, hearth, stove chimney clear, beside the alcohol stove nearby, also found part of incomplete and has been carbonized rice husk wine lees.

according to textual research, liu monarch was the first king of HeJian the western han dynasty, the son of zhao you Wang Liuyou. Chinese emperor period (178 BC), zhao HeJian county early HeJian countries, strong sealing liu monarch king of HeJian, dole, namely this xian south river city street. Liu monarch strong HeJian countries pass two generations of a total of 14 years, 11 years earlier than pfund HeJian countries.

in the 1990 s, the team confirmed by the mining in hebei province, this is the first king of HeJian liu strong princess tomb. Experts think, when the western han dynasty, due to 3 types: the old through HeJian, there should be rich in rice, it provides the development of the brewing HeJian countries rich in raw materials.

especially order period (155 BC), the second time to establish HeJian kingdom, named prince pfund HeJian king. Pfund during his time in office, to learn the ancient, seeking truth from facts, to search for finishing the pre-qin old, with music and educate people. At the same time using 3 types: the old water conservancy, to promote the cultivation techniques of wheat, rice to develop the industry, make the people rich. The discovery of wine workshop, to provide historical records the real material.

at present from the distribution of hearth analysis, here is the western han dynasty was brewing workshop HeJian countries on a large scale. This batch of wine workshop, found that the study of the western han dynasty HeJian countries economic, culture and folk customs provides the physical evidence.

(correspondent, Tian Xiao reporter GengJian expansion)