Hefei grand theatre logo right end interpretation for expressions using”

hefei grand theatre logo right

id exposed in public, if made low-level mistakes, that is to let people in distress situation. & other; Simple chinese-english translation, it will be so many mistakes, or appear in hefei & lsquo; Cultural palace & rsquo; In the water. Throughout the &; It doesn’t, attentive citizens have new discovery, the catch was hefei grand theater.

id translation make jokes

did you learn English people all know, English is ticket ticket, visitors of the English is the visitor, but in hefei grand theatre on public signs, these English words are & other; Wrong character & throughout; . & other; More than fanciful outdoor, indoor translation for all Chinese literal translation, end unexpectedly appear expressions using the word mouth. This matter I have been to the theater owners reflect many times, so far no one solution & throughout; Yesterday, the net friend & other; Case at hefei & throughout; The microblog is very fire, who also did not think of the grand theatre culture atmosphere is very thick, also can make such a joke.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to hefei grand theatre, carefully looked around the logo, really wrong. Among them, & other; The audience throughout the &; Translated into & other; Vistor” , & other; Tickets & throughout; Translated into & other; Tiket” , & other; Staffs & throughout; Both men and women became & other; Actor” . In addition to the shortcomings in spelling, hefei grand theatre translation, as netizens say are & other; Chinese character literal translation & throughout; , in accordance with the order of the Chinese, a Chinese translation into English. This English translation, I’m afraid it is difficult to let a person see more understand, unluckily appeared in the hugely popular in hefei grand theater. No wonder the Internet & other; Motto at hefei & throughout; To worry about, & other; The logo on the spot, hard to avoid all the laughing stock of the Chinese and foreign artists and the audience throughout the &; .

the original culprit another man

there is no difficulty in English translation, puzzled why the hefei grand theater? Reporter from the relevant person in charge of hefei grand theater was, in fact, & other; The culprit & throughout; Another man.

& other; Our company is entrusted management center for the performing arts, these logos ready before we come. Throughout the &; The company general department a manager, told reporters that answer to the question of the logo translation errors they also very headache. After citizens reflect this problem to them, they have to contact unit of making logo, hope each other can change the wrong logo as soon as possible, but have been slow to solve the problem.

& other; Make such a joke, or is not professional translation, or is not correct the attitude. Throughout the &; In hefei, a famous translator chi wang anhui, said the analysis of the translation text of the biggest difficulty is that use simple words to express the meaning of the most accurate. To do this, can’t do without a certain professional level, and some production company logo, now mostly lack professional translator. & other; Theatre of the logo, is likely to be through the network translation tools & throughout; , said chi wang anhui, translation can use network tools, completely to the machines, but the translation is irresponsible.

hefei logo be regulated

id translation make a joke, all over the country. With hefei more open, how to regulate the city’s identity, is a new problem in front of us.

in fact, in some cities, has introduced a special law of translation, let logo get specification. Chi wang anhui told reporters that in 2008, before and after the Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing, and other places have successively introduced public logo English translation standards, in accordance with the standard covers the road traffic signs, scenic spots and cultural identity, business services marks, sports and medical and health care, and many other aspects.

with hefei grand construction, more and more foreigners come to hefei, indeed it is necessary to regulate translation, to improve the image of the city. Chi wang told reporters of anhui province, hefei there is no relevant laws of translation, some events with the characteristic of hefei and language, there are many versions and controversy in translation.

beautify you to pick a hole in hefei

public signs can be seen everywhere, often make a such and such a joke. Not only the translation will go wrong, even Chinese characters will often go wrong. Beautiful hefei to build a civilization, and also need careful citizens often & other; To find fault & throughout; .

on April 18, there are people in the train station to send people found that the station waiting room on the sign & other; Waiting room & throughout; , has written & other; Hou & throughout; Compartments, & other; Check-in station & throughout; Was written & other; Collecting tickets station & throughout; . In addition, hefei streets signs, & other; Latent & throughout; The wrong character. A netizen has a few days ago, by the open area near green longtan road traffic signs should put wrong, the road of original & other Green longtan road & throughout; Turned out to be & other; Tsing lung tan road & throughout; . (hefei evening – amith jj/pit/sc)