Helen Keller was engaged and try to elope for love conservative views

a lot of people read the blind deaf female writer Helen & middot; Keller’s inspirational essays “if give me three days light”, know she dedicated her life to the deeds of charity, but you know, keller also like ordinary woman, who has tasted the sweetness of love, but by the time limitation of not being together?

American writer rosie & middot; Sudan stumbled upon keller’s & other; Secret & throughout; , according to the relationship created novel & middot; Helen Keller’s secret love life “.

surprise found

in Sudan’s mind, keller is & other; Mysterious & throughout; Figure, is a heart to care for others, no desires & other; The virgin & throughout; , not even a woman. So, when read in a few years ago from a biography of Sudan keller had a love affair, she was surprised.

biography with not much space, about 6 pages, was telling keller 30 s fall in love with a man, quietly engaged, even trying to break the teacher Anne & middot; Sullivan and the family way ran off with the man, but in the end. Sudan’s thought, is that there must be a story, then decided to give priority to with keller’s love write a novel. For this investigation.

Met true love

as writing this novel, Sudan from the local library all books related to the keller, consulting a large number of records keller life archives, including letters and newspaper clippings and photographs, etc.

the learned in the research, keller grew up relatively prefer contact with men. When I was a child, if to male guest in the home, she would ask each other & other; I look good? Throughout the &;

keller was born June 27, 1880, in a small town in northern Alabama, fast because of scarlet fever at the age of two lost sight and hearing, then the teacher with the help of Sullivan, learn to read and speak.

in 1916, keller has become a celebrity, pay great efforts for the keller Sullivan teacher was ill. Subsequently, 29, the Boston herald reporter Peter & middot; Fagan replace Sullivan, as a assistant to the keller. Fagan soon learn & other; Finger language & throughout; With the hand, the content of the letters and newspaper articles, books written on keller’s palm. Two people in close contact with feelings. Fagan appreciate keller’s passion for career and love of life. Fagan love makes keller opened a new chapter in life.

age limited

Sudan via the research concluded that keller youth social conservative ideas and let the love of her flowers wither.

at that time, including Sullivan and keller family, it is widely believed that people with disabilities should not be married, and there should be no romantic ideas. Keller sometimes secretly see love story, but as long as the Sullivan found that will prevent keller.

Sudan on the huffington post wrote: & other; Helen & middot; Keller in loyalty to family and the longing for love & hellip; & hellip; To overcome physical defects her success and her great fame makes her subject to the holy image. Although she can plead for equality, for the rights of others & hellip; & hellip; But not for the rights of others to her. Throughout the &;