Help your child to save money why this “scheme” can be handed down from generation to generation?

& other; Good, mom and dad to help you save a red envelope! Throughout the &; A lot of people when I was a child have heard these words in the Chinese New Year. Recently some netizens & other; Now afflicting & throughout; Tweeting ridicule: & other; This is & lsquo; The largest fraud & rsquo; ! Throughout the &; When parents give money back to see you? (on January 29th, the modern express)

the Spring Festival is a & other; Big customs & throughout; And distribute to junior and children New Year New Year’s money is the entire & other; Big customs & throughout; An important part of. And the so-called & other; Throughout history the biggest scam &; Why can life cycle, from generation to generation? Reason mainly has two: one is that we always advocates thriftily, children naturally do not have too much money, generation of deposit escrow is a continuation of traditional; Second, living standards continue to improve over the years, the quantity of money is becoming more and more heavy, and for the adults, the resulting & other; Negative tired feeling & throughout; Is growing, not by hosting an excuse to send money again & other; Cheat & throughout; Come back, payment & other; Gap & throughout; The fear of unusual family can afford.

in recent years has been to produce the Spring Festival & other; Could belong to the family & throughout; . Its origin if there are a variety of factors, New Year’s money is increasingly rising obviously is also a key card. Dragon before the Spring Festival, some netizens said much lucky money start standard has jumped to 500 yuan. So & other; Age of pressure & throughout; , for many people it is & other; Pressure heart & throughout; And & other Pressure throughout the body &; .

actually lucky money needn’t have got so tired heart tired. But perhaps it is because of the secular habit and good face, more and more let people felt boxed in pain. If the money & other Money & throughout; The heavier words look, tangle on the mind of people & other; Tired & throughout; Words will only grow. The traditional New Year’s money can change pattern, symbolic first? For example in Hong Kong and Macao regions, & other; Fortune & throughout; A red envelope, & other; New Year’s money & throughout; Congratulate to the new, usually no more than hk $10 or $20, main is to figure a good contact, happy Chinese New Year atmosphere. This way of contracted within the family, might as well & other; Used throughout the &; And & other Learn & throughout; .

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