Hemingway’s “the last 10 years” will be made into a film Life likes drinking hunting

recently, Cuban American actor Andy & middot; Garcia announced that it will bring a famous American writer and Nobel Prize winner Hemingway to the screen in the last decade of life.

Andy & middot; Garcia is acting career in Hollywood development of Latin actress in one of the few movie stars. Several classic characters he created, consistently stick to their unique style. Garcia said: & other; I have a passion for fishing and author of “the old man and the sea”, will the film to the screen is my wishes for many years. Throughout the &; The film, he will invite us actor Anthony & middot; Hopkins starring Hemingway, benin as the writer’s wife Mary & middot; Wales, he is playing the captain BRP gregorio & middot; Fuentes.

Ernest & middot; Miller & middot; Hemingway (21 July 1899 to July 2, 1961) is a world famous literary world famous modern American novelist, had & other Lost generation & throughout; On behalf of, is & other; The news body & throughout; The founder of the novel, he works in song people sincere and brave as the theme, style is concise, the development of American literature and literature of the 20th century has profound influence. Its representative works have “the old man and the sea”, “the sun also rises,” a farewell to arms “and” for whom the bell tolls “, etc., and with the old man and the sea “won the 1953 Pulitzer prize and the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. Hemingway’s life likes drinking, hunting, fishing, boxing, and, has been hailed as a monument of the spirit of the united nation.