Henan university students “dolls” restoring ancient “women’s hair pinning ceremony” (FIG.)

two female college students in the elders watched & other; Add Ji & throughout;

two female college students thank humbly elders

Beijing, zhengzhou, March 24 (xinhua Shang Li) on March 24th the lunar & other; March 3 & throughout; , is China’s oldest festival & other; Shangsi festival & throughout; , also known as & other; Sections & throughout; . On the morning of the same day, two female college students in henan in the testimony of friends and family, according to the ancient times & other Sections & throughout; The custom of accepted & other; a woman Adult ceremony & throughout; Chinese traditional culture, hope this propaganda.

March 24th the morning, the huaxia hall in henan museum, asing if is through time and space, with the ancient melodious music, a group of young men and women wearing hanfu, recovering now disappear of a kind of ancient etiquette & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Women’s hair pinning ceremony & throughout; , i.e., & other; Women’s adult ceremony & throughout; .

it is understood that in ancient China, man is 20 years old, women’s 15 years old, the family will hold a grand & for the other Adult ceremony & throughout; Ceremony, male said & other; Crown ceremony & throughout; , female for & other; Hair pinning ceremony & throughout; . & other; Shangsi festival & throughout; In ancient China is called & other; Sections & throughout; Line, is the ancient han nationality girl & other Adult ceremony & throughout; Day, & other; Adult ceremony & throughout; After mark down the column of adult from now on. 3000 years ago, this kind of etiquette in Chinese are as common as the Spring Festival, dragon boat, the dynasty gradually disappeared, but in countries such as Japan and South Korea now has kept this & other; Sections & throughout; The customs.

the line & other; Adult ceremony & throughout; Two female college students, the ceremony is in their family and friends. The whole & other; Adult ceremony & throughout; Three times in three parts, namely & other; Add Ji & throughout; . One plus for Ji combed her hair, and hair on, namely & other Ji & throughout; , from out accumulated Angle of childhood, also from the original children’s clothes, with Ru skirt worn by adult women; Two plus is send Ji Ji is relatively simple in by the women of elegant solemn, to replace daily grain garment Ru skirt with wen wan elegant dress; Three plus is the Ji head hair hair pin for elegant women of crown, and the dress change to a more serious atmosphere of big sleeve deep dress.

Zhang Jianxia from luohe medical college is on the same day to attend & other Adult ceremony & throughout; One of the leading role. She tells a reporter, & other; Ancient girl before and after the adult, the most obvious change is the hair and clothing. Ji costumes, these three times respectively have different aggregates righteousness, a symbol of the girls were growing up & ndash; & ndash; Garment colour and lustre is pure beautiful, a symbol of the girl’s innocence; Color of light and simple but elegant Ru skirt, a symbol of the nutmeg teenage innocence; Dignified deep clothes, is regarded as one of the most can reflect the han nationality women’s beauty of clothing, a symbol of the teenage girl of bright and beautiful; The last grand big sleeve piece fringing is reflects the aesthetic orientation of the han Chinese woman & ndash; & ndash; Natural and graceful atmosphere, elegant and graceful. This change is a symbol of dense Ji will give up sex, bear the responsibility of the family and society.

Zhang Jianxia said that a girl good at & other; Adult ceremony & throughout; Every change process to worship their elders and is, to show his gratitude. Today is mother accompanied her specially from luo river to attend this special ceremony. After the first time in Ru skirt, mother also kua she is the most beautiful today, oneself also feel really grown up.

& other; After a lot of people say that 80, 90, is a generation who grew up quietly. Teenage and adult human the watershed tends to be crossed, kind is my hope that through a form to declare myself grow up, & throughout; & other; Adult ceremony & throughout; Another leading role, henan agricultural university female students Zhang Meixin said, although her parents did not present today, but her teacher as elders witnessed the whole process. Heard that she will take part in such a rite, the dormitory all the sisters came today, & other; They all envy me, also ask next year do not do, they will also attend a. Throughout the &;

this special ceremony also attracted many citizens of weekend visit the museum. Residents said, before know Japan & other; Sections & throughout; , don’t think this is the custom of the ancient Chinese, step although trival, but enough to see that the ancients to the attention of the adult ceremony.

one of the event planner, as & other; Adult ceremony & throughout; Praise (i.e., host) of jia fu ren told reporters that this session is by henan museum of ancient Chinese music and the league of henan university hanfu hosted lovers of hanfu, its purpose is to restore the ancient ceremony of this kind of long-lost, through this form, let more people know China this kind of old custom, to spread traditional Chinese culture better.