Here in shandong zhangqiu longquan temple is strange word couplet: 20 words are not recognized (FIG.)

shandong strange words couplets

& other; In zhangqiu Wen Zu town Huang Louquan village south of the mountain there is a longquan temple, has been broken, but very interesting is the hall gate a couplet inscribed on the pillar were not know the word, is worth studying. Throughout the &; Jinan folk literature and history research amateur rats recently provides a clue to the reporter, the reporter immediately instead of an interview.

strange couplet, a total of 20 words

rats with reporters after a difficult & other Travel & throughout; Finally came to zhangqiu Wen Zu town Huang Louquan village south a by locals called & other; Mulberry huang & throughout; Place, here in the mountains of longquan temple is on the hillside.

the reporter sees, longquan temple is now only a emerged between the three main halls and a palace, the temple built with neat stones, seem to be very strong, very simple also. Roof tile is black, stone Windows on either side of the door with beautiful carving model. Of the temple of Buddha has lost, is now being used to raise sheep and very messy.

rats, told reporters that the hall, the front of the gate, is the most peculiar place of couplets on the two pillars. Reporter looked at, couplet, a total of 20 words, words of strokes carved more shallow, every word has about 10 cm square, but let a person feel surprised is that the words strange, reporter unexpectedly didn’t recognize a word.

5 longquan temple stone tablets history

rats also showed reporters the lamb had been buried in the people at the house foundation to cover five stone tablets. Unidentifiable, several tablet inscriptions of the basic are the rebuilt longquan temple inscriptional record “, 1 is the earliest & other; Ming jiajing twenty years time has unitary & throughout; Years, including & other; Chapter grave county township nature & throughout; , & other Yellow luq east ancient blue waves with XieQiao people thirsty & throughout; Such as words, known in the Ming dynasty, should be called yellow luq Huang Louquan village. Several other general tablet is the seal of the qing dynasty period. Among them & other; Light twenty-nine years Yang month of the date of standing stones & throughout; The rebuild of longquan temple inscriptional record is recorded by: & other; Longquan temple founded since the predecessors, guanyin main hall, two peidian peidian for brigitte xia yuan jun, one for the jade pool she & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Known early in the longquan temple consecrate guanyin bodhisattva, is dedicated in things peidian peidian brigitte chardonnay yuan jun and jade pool of the queen mother.

in the east side of the longquan temple nearby well, this is & other; Longquan & throughout; And the temples to & other; Longquan & throughout; The origin of the name.

longquan temple several warp transform

reporter in Huang Louquan village found Li Dou cheese, a 62 – year – old old man, he is very is concerned, longquan temple also worked as a research, collect a lot of folklore. He told the reporters, longquan temple is built of the first year of the Ming dynasty zhengde, jiajing in the Ming dynasty, qing dynasty, jiaqing, daoguang, years of renovation and expansion.

Li Dou cheese, “the old man said, the history change of the longquan temple is also very strange, is the earliest buddhist nun temples of practice, after many years, because there is no business ability nun, occupied by a monk, more recently, also had a Taoist priest, is after the transformation. To the late qing dynasty, Huang Louquan village of a monk when the abbot, and then broken.

experts think strange word or related to Taoism

reporter back to the city, found in shandong province museum research librarians, committee member of Chinese calligrapher’s association, provincial shuxie consultants Chen Gengqiao Sir, he has a deep research on ancient and calligraphy. Reporters asked him to watch the picture of the longquan temple couplets and portrayal of characters. Chen Gengqiao told reporters after careful consideration, these words are not minor, and seal script is very close, but a lot of words and the composition and structure of explain impassability, so should not normal integrate.

after careful observation, and listened to the journalists and rats after description of the longquan temple, Chen Gengqiao put forward a bold claim, & other; The longquan temple had presided over by a monk, so it is possible that these words related to Taoism, many words looks and Taoism since the word is very near, so does not rule out is the Taoist priest use Taoist peculiar words or symbols to create a kind of special words, content should be related to Taoism. Throughout the &; (reporter IfengLogo xiao-lin zhao)