Heyday danfeng wang: the most beautiful actress in the 1950 s (FIG.)

if the film is a legend, that she is the legend of the legend. She is danfeng wang, one of the 22 big star of the People’s Republic of China, many Chinese fans memories of the beautiful western style beautiful, incredible movie actress. Danfeng wang was named last century & other; S the most beautiful actress & throughout; .

danfeng wang, because in the film “the nurse’s diary,” spring “, “female barber” starring in famous or important role. Her film more than 60 years, nearly 60 film starring, in China the screen left many unforgettable image.

in the 1940 s, 17, she plays the heroine in the film “new fishing song” fishermen’s female, movie called & other; Little romance & throughout; To make a noise in the world.