Historical records is the earliest Chinese rich list: fan li zi gong shen three thousand on the list

the British hurun in China rich list, caused many noisy also give a lot of people under the trouble. In fact this list our Chinese ancient existing, is seen in sima qian’s “historical records & middot; upright HuoShi. In this paper, the arrangement from the spring and autumn period to many people rich Howe, described its startup after, the art of getting rich, property scale, very bright. Let’s read shiji check list of billionaires are represented, analysis of these rich is entirely a matter of what is sent home.

list have entertainment value, not today. Figured he had ordinary days, daily necessities, but also care about Kings and princes, roughly the secret.

& other; Too history Mr List & throughout; On the first two, not celebrities. Is a fan li, goujian, main adviser, destroyed wu, because there are many who had failed to run out, then take a boat floating on river’s lake, 6, and money to do business, to the daughter to do, the tao Zhu Gong. Later generations and make up the story big beauty xi shi ration his company, that’s a charming, life to regret! Another one is zi gong, Confucius footed. Mr Zi gong has a characteristics, & other; Million (chest) is repeated throughout the &; , it is speculated that the commodity market is very accurate, it is no wonder that is to make a fortune. Suppose he scrambled up the stock, which is a cook.

fan li, zi gong is in the spring and autumn period, rich with business. But not only because they have had success, good at capturing the business opportunities, the two have been engaged in political activities, in high society is rich in human resources, also is the important background. Zi gong to travel the seigneur and not a rival, but to pay homage to the wealth, zi gong for their buying and selling, but there is a layer of business partner relationship. Officialdom and malls, therefore, never be apart from officialdom & other; The sea & throughout; May be like a duck to water, but also has a long history.

from the warring states period to the han dynasty rich, pure engaged in trade in goods and wei Bai Gui, for king hui of wei xiangguo, then turned to especially grain buying and selling of agricultural products. But more and more rich with industrial base. Such as Yi during the warring states period began in salt industry, guo longitudinally on the iron smelting, & all other And the king Lie rich & throughout; ; From time to tome ubbelohde Luo, is engaged in animal husbandry, horse cattle such as too many to count, in a valley for the unit of measurement. Bayu widows, and the generation Dan point, mining wealth, no one can understand.

most of the han dynasty to strike it rich with iron smelting, included in the list of ZhuoShi, Cheng Zheng, Kong Shi, cao BingShi four, one ZhuoWenJun ZhuoShi family lady, because with the writer sima xiangru and escape and go down. Is there a salt-free’s loan sharking, a folk financiers. With seven of the rebellious, he risks lend to join the army aristocrat, ten times as much profit, they will become the guanzhong super-rich.

rich in the change of industry is a sign of economic development and changes. As the warring states and han dynasty ironmaking industry the most wealthy, this shows that the iron agricultural tools used more and more widely. With the IT industry in recent years more than the rich is the same way. And from the perspective of the accumulation of wealth, business may be profitable business fast, exciting, but total industry secure. So many welcomed a rich industrial foundation.

for rich, the political environment is very important. Like Ming a shen three thousand, the so-called rich, but it shall not be calculated, it didn’t take long, becomes poor banishment. Biographies of HuoShi columns list, not about who is deprived of the royal wealth, this is very impressive. Qin shi huang severe, but to the qing dynasty respected widow, considered a widow for wealth self-defense, avoid the infringement of others, very amazing. Please her into the palace, also specially built a & other; Female bosom clear throughout the &; .