History is no zhen 嬛 person bannermen, qing dynasty women’s real all to participate in the draft

the inexperienced girl, just a few years has grown to bandar palace woman. Popular television dramas “Zhen Huan biography”, by scenes full of intrigue and framed harem fight scene, show the woman around & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; In the life.

life is like a play, play as life. Historically, any & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; This person? Qing imperial harem woman living in what? TV interactive television project & other; Decryption Zhen Huan, reveal & qing throughout; To restore the historical truth for everyone.

zhen who is 嬛

like watching GongDou viewers will find that the drama, the qing imperial harem there are a lot of women like Zhen Huan. Because the youth and beauty, the teenage through talent into the palace. Harem three thousand, she can only waiting for the emperor’s favour. In addition, she also nervously moves between the concubines. For her, and the only way to save is dragon seed, the parent with your child.

in fact, & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; Is a fictional character, however, have different harem woman her shadow.

drama, yongzheng Zhen Huan at first, is attracted to her. Reason is that she looks pretty much like the queen’s sister, namely the late pure yuan queen. Yongzheng, historians say, history is only one queen, and there is no pure yuan this person.

drama, Zhen Huan once left the palace to become a monk. Historically, empress wu had a similar experience. Died, according to the regulation of the tang dynasty, she was sent to the temple to do a nun sense of industry. After a few years, thanks to the emperor tang fall in love with her, only to return to court.

drama, zhen 嬛 as hong li’s mother was created for the virgin queen, the plot is consulted xiao SAN xian the story of the queen. Historically, xiao SAN xian queen in the yongzheng reign when it has not yet been made his fujin, after giving birth to hong li. Yongzheng reign, she was created for xi princess. Queen’s death, she was promoted to xi high-ranked imperial concubine, in charge of imperial harem. However, until the time of departure, she didn’t be blocked for the queen. Hong li, she became queen, after death is son chase Shi as & other; Xiao SAN xian queen & throughout; .

enter the palace to white-crested

since Zhen Huan is fictional, the harem story revolves around her, and contact history of how many? All this, from a harem draft.

drama, zhen 嬛 in draft, but don’t want to be married into the king’s home. As a court etiquette’s daughter, she and from the hinterland to XiuNv AnLingRong acquaintance, and make friends. Draft on the same day, she looked at by the emperor, is directly elected, into the temple.

see here, the audience to ask, the draft is mandatory? Children of the poor can also join the royal draft? The emperor three years to choose a wife, program so simple? In fact, the real draft, qing dynasty has a strict process: banner was born, aged 14 to 16 years old must be the women of the draft. Not attended, marriage is allowed.

draft standard is very strict, the process is also very long. First is the audition, the emperor, the queen mother, the queen, and some of them can be when the judges. In a the XiuNv, was watching the, directly leave card, enter the semi-finals. Is not on, the pile directly, knocked out. This selection, there are a lot of wheel. Do usually in the end, we have to leave a couple of people. Also during this time, XiuNv accept internal medicine, surgery, and other physical examination.

into the palace, after Zhen Huan blocked for & other; Guan noble & throughout; Cozying up in succession, all. Friends AnLingRong blocked for & other; Promise & throughout; , is bullied by others. “The biography of Zhen Huan all faces of the characters, showing the difference of the harem level treatment.

according to historians, general sealing for the promised after XiuNv into the palace, and gradually promotion. The qing dynasty imperial harem queen (1), the imperial concubine of the emperor (1), (2) the imperial concubine, princess (4), and (6), noble, often in, promise, ladies nine grades. Among them, the correspondence of the following status is lower, unlimited number. Promised to position just above ladies, but also to undertake NaGong work. Living ways, and more than just have special room, separated the zodiac. People here, only with the things in the house, ACTS as a concubine’s servant. In addition, different grade, dressing, eating, appliances, in the treatment of each respect such as the difference is very big also.

in class so guarded the qing imperial harem, palace maid has retired from the date of the palace. But for XiuNv drafted by the emperor is a into the palace to the hoary head.

& have spent

incomplete love

the palace hopeless, concubines is to find a way to survive well. If a woman suffers bestow favor on, gave birth to children is an important indicator.

Zhen Huan pregnant for the first time, but due to the misuse of shu mark glue containing musk and abortion. In order to protect themselves, she will have aphrodisiac qualities & other NuanQing sweet & throughout; Into the enemy qingong, lead to the other party have miscarried.

“the biography of Zhen Huan harem harm abortion methods, surprising. Historians, said musk can invigorate the menstruation and have propelled tire effect, often used in ancient dystocia concubines.

musk fragrance is easy to make people excited to eat many has the effect of pregnancy, preterm birth, long-term use can also lead to infertility. But the natural musk is precious thing in the world, the palace also didn’t so much, so use sweet poison also not so easy.

in addition to this, those who break appears and gave birth to the dragon seed concubines, often cannot personally raising children. With JingFei Zhen Huan daughter, cao noble children were HuaFei out. In the history of this parody.

the original, the qing dynasty in order to prevent consorts interventions, concubines biological child must be raised by others. Unless a particular holiday, between mother and child rarely have the opportunity to meet. The most typical example, the qing dynasty is yongzheng. He was raised by adoptive to imperial concubine tunggiya, until the age of 12 back to mother’s princess, so that the relationship between mother and child indifference.