History’s most lewd princess: choose the young male concubines Seduce the eyesight of the uncle

princess in the history of the most horny: married male concubine to seduce uncle

princess pulled pull, daily grooming, exert all one’s skill, every possible way seduce ChuYuan. But ten days passed, ChuYuan still like a piece of wood, the beautiful and charming princess pulled no response. The princess with a nasty, can’t help pandering. Can ChuYuan strapping, strength big, pulled the princess is not at his opponent. The princess pulled down in the face and blame ChuYuan: & other; You look is a man, a big beard as heavy as iron halberd, how little ACTS as masculinity? Throughout the &;

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the princess, that is, the southern and northern dynasties, the southern song dynasty filial piety wu jun liu’s daughter pulled the princess princess shanyin.

pulled her mother queen Wen Mu Wang Xian Yuan, is filial piety the emperor gave birth to two sons four female: scrap emperor emperor qianfei of liu song, provide ZhangWangLiu child is pulled, the princess princess shanyin, huai, cry of the princess Liu Chupei, archduchess Liu Chuxiu, recreation Liu Xiuming princess, really productive, it serves to show the beautiful imperial concubine also intelligent. Can see her daughters should also have a natural beauty. But in these four princess, notoriously has pulled the princess is the only one.

I’m afraid mainly because of her behavior, in the Chinese history of the princess, it is to belong to an unprecedented, after.

daming eight years, that is, in May 464, pulled the princess’s brother 16 emperor qianfei of liu song inherited wealth, shi said before the emperor.

emperor qianfei of liu song of loose lewd, I’m afraid of the Wolf in history and also is a kind of the role of the elite, he is not only widely among voters beauty, and torre in pet, even his aunt, sister also into her arms. He seized the history of aunt said XinCai princess & ndash; & ndash; She is a princess, and already married to the general ho mai. But the emperor qianfei of liu song called her into his palace, a corpse was poisoned maid-in-waiting sent He Fu, said XinCai princess died violently in his palace. Ho mai can’t wear this top cuckold (wear, also is not a man. I’m afraid.) So plan to revolt, as a result, secret affairs leak, on the contrary to kill emperor qianfei of liu song of incest bastard. XinCai princess she took his photographs, fresh palace. Emperor qianfei of liu song even XinCai the princess to the queen, after being rejected by heartbroken princess, emperor qianfei of liu song after a road’s instead.

of course, the aunt did so, the first beauty has always been seen as the royal sister more.

but, unlike was forced to obey aunt, pulled the princess with this brother relationship is very good, in this respect, she can be emperor qianfei of liu song with like-minded. History records, princess often take the initiative to the palace, and emperor qianfei of liu song with eat to live, a pair of husband and wife is like completely. Emperor qianfei of liu song of the elder sister, very obedient.

the thing happened in this case.

one day, pulled the princess looked at his palace swarms of beauty GongE, grumble. Of the emperor qianfei of liu song: symptoms & other; And I were the emperor, although there are men and women, they are the first emperor bit, it is the same. But you have sannomiya six homes, scarlett, tens of thousands of people, but I can only keep a xu. Things in the world, but have not fair to come to this! Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Concubine and majesty, although men and women have different, all body (first emperor. Your natural number, and one concubine wei xu. Not all flat, at this point a! Throughout the &;

hey hey, that sounds also very reasonable, the princess and the emperor, is a father of children, with what the emperor temple beauty concubines tens of thousands of people, the princess, but there can be only one xu?

listen to the elder sister’s emperor qianfei of liu song to immediately & other; Mistakes and just change & throughout; , pat chest guarantee to make pulled the princess.

although emperor qianfei of liu song indifferent to politics, but on this matter is highly effective & ndash; & ndash; Handsome boy picked out 30, immediately sent to the princess house, let the princess pulled together for young men, namely & other Home & throughout; . & other; Surface & throughout; , refers to the appearance beautiful, & other; Throughout the first &; Is the hair black & ndash; & ndash; Well send the kidney, head, the nature & hellip; & hellip; Well & hellip; & hellip;

to the icing on the cake, emperor qianfei of liu song also sister promotion knighted, according to the system will she be made for the princess will take the sheriff. In short, pulled the princess of the gift is accepted.

xu a surname why to start looking at the thirty men more out of thin air in the home, in the mind how to think, not load history. But want to be happy: the start, a blue blood family, born with fine features, tall and straight, movements are elegant demeanour, was a famous man. But in such a wife, is really helpless.

& have spent

it’s not over.

the young man had, pulled the princess and the idea of a mature man.

There are two big handsome

the south song dynasty. One is married to a princess pulled how generic, the another is the princess married to the south county ChuYuan. ChuYuan word he back, seniority, ChuYuan is pulled the princess’s uncle. This person personable, was lovely, mature, charming, informal man again, in front of him, often in shame. Whenever at will, diplomats and members of his court to see around the ChuYuan away before being dispersed.

now, pulled the princess is the ChuYuan sliver.

she asked emperor qianfei of liu song for again, make ChuYuan accompany their happy days.

emperor qianfei of liu song know ChuYuan amiable form regular, not blatant asked him to accompany sister pleasure. Ordered him to the princess house only. As for how the office later, see pulled the skill of the princess.