Ho chi minh and Chinese lover how load separation is not goodbye Dying is still first-name basis

Each Ding Dongwen

xiao-nong Chen recorded his father said: & other; Ho chi minh is married when he was young. His lover is a man, but died early. He is a very long time single. Vietnam since our victory in the revolution, he wanted to marry a woman for a wife, fujian membership of the CPC central committee did not agree, but Vietnam he must obey the Vietnam of the CPC central committee’s decision, so he has not married again. Throughout the &;

in fact, the first woman should be tang tuyet minh. The second woman is Lin ylang.

in 1930, ho chi minh city in Vietnam under fire, nowhere, via the liaison in underground CPC guangdong provincial committee for help. Arrange female communists ylang and ho chi minh disguised as husband and wife, Lin and told must ensure the safety of ho chi minh city.

ho chi minh city at the age of 40, the feeling is Lin ylang like dead lover RuanQingLing in particular, he wrote in his diary: & other; Qing ling and her manners, disposition hobby are exactly the same. Collision in the eyes of the moment, I found myself no longer a pure atheists. I think all this is god’s will. Throughout the &;

soon ho chi minh was arrested, parting, handed out diary ylang Lin said: & other; I put my heart stay with you, accept it! Throughout the &; Three days later, ho chi minh was rescued. He asked Lin ylang, & other; Read my diary! I believe that the heart orchid will never wither. Throughout the &; Lin ylang could not help but to ho chi minh’s bosom.

in the 1950 s, ylang Lin is a senior cadres, still alone. Tao zhu care about her marriage, she said, still love ho chi minh city. Tao zhu q: & other; He love you? Throughout the &; A: & other; He kept me waiting him. Throughout the &;

ho chi minh city to visit China in the 50 s, requirements and meet old friends Lin ylang. MAO zedong let tao zhu, Lin yilan to Beijing immediately. At the boarding home in ho chi minh, Lin ylang was coming toward him, two hands tightly hold together. Before departure, Lin ylang to take out the diary back to ho chi minh, he slipped back: & other; Side without you, I haven’t write a diary for a long time, still left to you as a souvenir! Throughout the &;

in 1958, ho chi minh invite visiting tao zhu, a 68 – year – old fishing together. He said: & other; Ylang and I fell in love and more than 20 years, for the revolutionary cause delayed youth. Now old, think and ylang together as soon as possible. Returned would you please ask the chairman MAO zedong and premier zhou enlai, if they agree, I’d like to yilan to Hanoi secret wedding, live to dream for many years. Throughout the &;

MAO said: & other; We advocate free love, marriage, independent. But the two parties of the matter the relationship between the two countries, cannot treat STH lightly. Throughout the &; And the central committee of the communist party politburo meeting to discuss on this opposition over in favor of the opinion.

ho chi minh helpless, have to to yilan to believe: Lin & other; Let’s no farewell, dear ylang. Have you ever heard of Plato’s spiritual love? Let our heart will always be in harmony with each other! Throughout the &;

forest ylang reply: in the day wish for a pair of lovebirds, on earth two trees with branches interlocked forever. Everlasting sometimes do, this and continuing have no unique period. In 1968, Lin died of yilan, before dying, client will diary back to ho chi minh city. Died a year later, ho chi minh, dying also chanting ylang Lin’s name.

(from the history reference. 17 (2011)

Ding Dongwen