Hold the monks read English studying zen not only is “QingDeng with yellow volume”

monks read up & other; ABC” Handheld device, in charge of wizard. For the Chinese mahayana buddhist monks, & other; QingDeng with yellow volume & throughout; No longer is the only way of meditation.

8, accompanied by henan institute of buddhist ceremony, also let the buddhist henan province have the first modern sangha education of institutions of higher learning Buddhism. The hospital is not only the & other New concept English & throughout; As XueSeng compulsory, also used computers, networks, or the instruction.

on a 2012 spring/summer semester curriculum, China news agency reporters noted that the hospital are arranged in every Tuesday and Friday morning have a 1.5 hour & other; New concept English & throughout; Class. In addition, selected readings in English translation buddhist sutras, film appreciation and calligraphy art is also the XueSeng dabble in content.

of course, professional course of Buddhism is indispensable. Here, XueSeng are able to learn systematically, handed down from more than 2500 years of the original works of Buddhism and theories, including the discipline study, including study, the department of abhidharma and sectarian Buddhism in China.

in henan province, vice President of the buddhist institute and educational chime-long master don’t think this is a fashion item. Buddhist education, he says, is to adapt to social development, absorbing the modern university education concept, but more important is the standard regression and stick to learning tradition of Buddhism.

in is almost the same and the modern university amphitheatre, all kinds of advanced teaching facilities, teaching the mage also use the construe positively by the theory. Imitation of tang within a building, there is a feeling of time travel.

“with & other dissidents & throughout; lunch” TED in the United States public speaking class, with the convenience of modern science and technology, the XueSeng & other; Learn & throughout; Western scholar Elizabeth & middot; Les. In tongbo not far near the monk huts vaguely exist for meditation.

teaches English translation of buddhist scriptures from rivendell teacher said that the dharma from communication is inseparable from the translation at the beginning of the lifeline. To learn English, can let westerners hear the sound of the Chinese Buddhism. While the use of modern science and technology, changed the outside world for buddhist & other; QingDeng with yellow volume & throughout; Stereotypes, can attract more XueSeng.

due to historical reasons, the Chinese buddhist talents & other; Fault & throughout; Problems still exist. According to the survey, the head of henan buddhist activities by more than 500, only thirty percent received Buddhism full-time education.

is a positive signal, the modern teaching means many institutions of higher learning of Buddhism in China is widely recognized and used.

but for & other; Just change the hair & throughout; Young XueSeng, remains challenging. They should not only fulfill every day, appear, zen temple wait for spiritual lessons in the morning and evening, also always upholding the precepts, such as not lust, not drinking, not lying.

XueSeng such as say, & other; Someone will think in discipline, like a rope. Throughout the &; RON said, hope XueSeng after completing four years of undergraduate study, out of the campus, to really set up for buddhist moral-mind and faith gradually.